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The Libertarian Party of Ohio is pleased to release our slate of candidates for state, federal, and local office.

Travis Irvine and J. Todd Grayson are running for Governor and Lt. Governor with a focus on criminal justice reform, decriminalizing marijuana usage, and the significant reduction of taxes and debt that drags against everyone’s future but especially those with the least among us.

Bob Coogan is running for Auditor of State bringing decades of experience in accounting, audit, and financial information technology from private and public sectors. Bob has the experience to ensure that Ohio and its more than 5,600 entities are using resources efficiently and effectively.

Dustin Nanna is running for Secretary of State. As the executive to run elections, issue licensing, and maintain the state’s records, Dustin brings his staunch support that government exists by the permission of the people and is dedicated to reducing overreach.

Looking into federal positions, the party has Dirk Kubala, Don Kissick, David Harlow, and Johnathan Miller running for US Congressional Districts (1, 5, 10, 15, respectively) across the regions of the state.

Homer Taft is bringing his experience to the race for Ohio Senate District 13 while six are seeking to fill out the Ohio House; Elizabeth Thomas, Tim Grady, Ryan McClain, W Daniel Fichtel, Patrick Glasgow, Kryssi Wichers, Taylor Hoffman (1, 2, 14, 55, 68, 77, 86, respectively)

In addition, we have candidates in county elections for commissioners and auditors: Candace Loyd, Jason Zapisek, Eric White, Cory Combs, Mike Doran.

This announcement is just weeks after a strong campaign of petitioning with support of over 102,000 people from all 88 counties representing all economic levels, sexual orientations, faiths … demonstrating the ever expanding diversity of our Party and our increasing support throughout the State of Ohio and beyond.