Our Hometown Heroines gave a long lesson in adding up point totals on August 16 in a double header that resulted in a pair of triple digit wins against the Cincinnati Roller Girls and their B-team the Violent Lambs. Both the All Stars and Gang Green were in top form both offensively and defensively as they launched towards wins with astronomical totals.


OHRG All Stars vs Cincinnati Roller Girls


The first jam of the first half of the first bout set the tone for the entire bout. Penalties gave OHRG jammer Smacktivist both a track advantage and a power jam right from the beginning which she deftly exploited for three grand slams and an opening 16 to 1 score.

OHRG's defense was in top form throughout the half. The solid walls of made by the All-Stars blockers yielded little and allowed the All-Stars near total control of the pace. Cincinnati's jammers only achieved lead jammer status in six out of nineteen jams. In the remaining thirteen jams Cincinnati only managed to score in two. Lead jammer status only availed Cincinnati four scoring jams.

OHRG's first half offense capitalized on the track control that the blockers gave them to tally up the points. The Smacktivist tested her opponents for eleven grand slams on the half and 79 hips passed. Ohio jammers Burnadeath and Otta My Wayman gave a pop quiz on additive math during the sixth and seventh jams on the corner of insult street and injury avenue for a combined total of nine grand slams.

The half ended with a triple digit lead for the OHRG with the score at 165-33.


Cincinnati's offense found some inspiration in the locker room for the second half as they roared out the door and took control of the first five jams achieving lead jammer status and scoring 21 points while holding the All-Stars to a mere four. In the sixth and seventh Burnadeath and Wayman put the track back under track control with a trio of grand slams between them and after that it was all OHRG's bout.

The All-Stars rotated jammers more frequently with six jammers adding to the score in the second half. Smacktivist, Burnadeath and Wayman were joined by Big Rig and Tactigal early on. Tactigal garnered herself five grand slams on the half. In the thirteenth jam it was proved that no massacre is complete without a chainsaw. OHRG president  Texas Chainsaw Sasskicker made a quick appearance in the jammer position and picked up a quick four grand slams.

The depth of OHRG's small but mighty bench in both offensive and defensive skill and tactics brought a final score of 306 to 83 in this the penultimate home bout of the 2014 regular season.


Gang Green vs the Violent Lambs.


Cincinnati's B-team, the Violent Lambs, was hoping to subtract from OHRG's decisive win with a victory against Gang Green. The second bout of the night however also proved to be a disappointment for the rolling ladies of the Queen City. This was not for a lack of initial gusto.

Cincinnati scored a quick grand slam in the opening jam starting the bout off with a five zero lead. The next four jams were tough defensive battles with each team giving up only a few points and making the bout seem like it would settle into a struggle of wall versus wall. Then Gang Green's Hellion Boi changed the tune and sang all night.

The sixth jam of the first half gave Hellion five of her seven grand slams for the half. She picked up another five in the second half and team offensive MVP for the evening. Gang Green jammers Cloverkill and Tactigal also had a quadruple and quintuple grand slam power jam respectively and Cloverkill picked up another in the final jam bringing the score at the half to 119-56.


The second half saw Gang Green further flex their offensive muscle with both a greater number of players wearing the star and more risky plays attempted. The previous half’s jammers were joined in the rotation for the second half by Quiet Storm, Electra Magneto, Val Holla and Pi-thon.

Blitz Lemon, who had been held to a mere 27 points and a single grand slam in the first half picked up a few more points and two grand slams in the second. Gang Green successfully passed the star twice from Hellion Boi to Electra Magneto in sixth and eighteenth jams and both times the latter exploited this to lap the opposition for a grand slam before calling the jam off.

Gang Greens defense held the Violent Lambs in check while the offense played hard, giving them the track and clock control they needed to cement their 226 to 94 victory over the Violent Lambs.