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COLUMBUS, OH – Joe Motil, candidate for Columbus City Council attended today’s public hearing at City Hall that was held by Councilwoman Shayla Favor for a proposed designated Kenny & Henderson Community Reinvestment Area (CRA). The CRA was initiated by developer Preferred Living who is seeking to purchase and develop the property where the Kahoots Gentlemen’s Club is located near the southeast corner of Kenny and Henderson Roads. Preferred Living would potentially replace the business with a 219 unit apartment complex. If approved, new construction in this CRA would be eligible for 15 year 100% tax abatements.

Motil said, “Newly appointed Columbus City Councilwoman Shayla Favor is now chairing the tax abatement friendly Economic Development Committee as her predecessor Councilwoman Liz Brown did while promoting hundreds of millions of dollars in tax abatements to campaign contributors during her term as chair. It is the intent of the Mayor and City Council to create yet another unwarranted Market Ready CRA in order to reap the benefits of further campaign contributions, while escalating rents and property taxes will take over in an area of Columbus where the cost of living has not skyrocketed out of control.” Preferred Living Principal Nick King and Chief Development Officer Jared Smith  stated that the boundaries of the CRA were “significantly blighted” which just so happens to be part of a criteria that needs to met so one can designate a CRA.

During Mr. Motil’s testimony he stated, “This is by any stretch of the imagination a distressed area and one that requires a tax abatement to help yet another friendly campaign contributing developer of our elected city officials. It’s a stone’s throw away from Upper Arlington which is one of the wealthiest suburbs of Columbus with a median income of $103,000 and median property value of $338,000. I can’t believe you are even considering this. And especially to help benefit a developer who is considering to displace about 80 families that live in a 55 and over trailer community in my Clintonville neighborhood just a few miles to the east of this proposed CRA, so he can build a new apartment complex.”

Motil further commented at the hearing by stating, “When is this nonsense ever going to stop? It’s like everybody has caught the Jeff Bezos fever. In case you haven’t heard, the taxpayers are tired of subsidizing the rich, whether its corporations or developers."

Motil concludes that “It appears that Councilwoman Shayla Favor will be handing out tax abatements to the developers while attempting to promote affordable housing in yet another area of Columbus where a developer can succeed without the favor of a tax abatement."