Bearded white man with glasses an bald head smiling with a dark-skinned man in sunglasses and a baseball cap outside in front of some cars and a cloudy sky

I am honored to be here this week, every day I am here in the Lakota Nation North Dakota, I feel my inner strength and my spirit set loose and free. Everyone is nice and respectful here despite all the genocide the white man and woman have thrown down at the Lakota. To hear these Lakota people tell me the horror stories of genocide and government lies stowed upon them for generations. I fight my tears from coming out. I get angry.

The Lakota set the blueprint for this country and everyone had a home and food to eat. People traded and respected each other back then. Then the pilgrims showed up and got greedy with all they were taught from tribes. This USA we live in is a crooked evil machine that neglects and takes advantage of the Lakota. When will this end? That’s the real question. When will the USA government realize the Hate crimes being done daily to the indigenous? Never, because our crooked government had been stealing and killing them for hundreds of years and covering it up.

I today feel like a Lakota. I don’t feel American. I don’t want anything to do with a racist,crooked,greedy,murderous group of white people that call themselves politics instead of their real titles of thieves and murders! Take some time today and realize what you’re letting happen to the Lakota. Take some time and research the mass murders and wrong doing the government does to these small nations. Lakota are in a more powerful mindset than any white man or woman could ever be in. And that scares our government so much,that they are killing the Lakota off slowly but surely. Once again I ask of you all, what can we do as a nation to stop this racist,profiling,backstabbing government from another genocide of Lakota tribe?

Time to wake up and know what your countrymen and women are doing in the reservations here and else where. I write this from the Mayors porch in Fort Yates Lakota Nation in Standing Rock,inside the colonial state of North Dakota.

Signed sadly yours, 
Rudy Gerdeman June 24th 2018