White middle aged man squatting with his eyes closed holding a woman across is back in a dance move


SeaBus Dance Company is excited to announce our upcoming project LOOM, an improvisational dance piece that will bring distant dancers and Columbus communities together. LOOM will premiere Friday, October 27th at Art of Yoga and will continue through the weekend with a October 28th show at MadLab Theater and a October 29th show at Flux + Flow Dance and Movement Center. Wherever you reside, we didn’t want you to miss it, which is why we included performances all across the city: in Franklinton, Downtown Columbus AND Clintonville! Just as LOOM aims to weave distal Columbus communities together with dance, its goal is also to gather dancers from across the country and present the converging of ideas, movement and narrative. 

LOOM will bring together like-minded performers from Seattle and Columbus, along with a guest artist from Minneapolis. In presenting LOOM to our audiences, we intend to demonstrate how dance improvisation is a valuable and enriching medium, while also bringing contemporary dance to the forefront of an already rich visual and musical arts community in Columbus. This project will not only make contemporary dance accessible throughout the greater Columbus community, but it will also provide educational opportunities through community events, including workshops, open rehearsals, and “talk-backs” after each performance.

Dance improvisation, when used as a means of performance, creates surprising and daring compositions in real-time. We listen, support, and grow by sharing space with one another. Being an improvisational dance company means that we have the opportunity to be vulnerable, sensitive, and trusting in order to create arresting, yet ephemeral compositions in the moment. This is the draw of dance improvisation; this is the reason we want to share it with all of you! In the spirit of improvisational dance, each performance of LOOM will be completely unique and we can’t wait for you to join us as we explore and create.

“Columbus is full of potential! It has grown so much in the short 3 years since I have been an OSU dance department alum. Economically it's affordable, socially people want to be involved and attend events, and most importantly the arts are not only desired, they are supported! That’s why we, as SeaBus dance company, chose Columbus to be our homebase. Our dance careers are evolving and growing right along with Columbus. It’s exciting, fresh and rewarding to help build Columbus, into what it is becoming for future populations to enjoy! We are striving to create dance we are proud of  and can contribute to the entire community as a whole. Columbus has the potential to become the next dance hub for dancers and choreographers. The days of needing to move to NYC or San Fran. to make it as a dance artist are over, and SeaBus wants to help make that the case.” 

-Josh Hines

Co Director

Co Founder

Josh Hines Bio- Josh Hines graduated from The Ohio State University with a BFA in dance improvisation and performance in 2014. Since graduation he has been establishing himself as Columbus, Ohio dance artist, teacher, and improviser. He has been collaborating with Columbus Moving Company for the last three years as a performer, teacher, and choreographer. Josh finds dance improvisation is paramount for his work: "For me there is nothing more human than curiosity and living in the moment. The sincerity that improvisation generates causes dancers to become more genuine in their movement, more alive and sensitive. The applications of dance improvisation are endless and that is what I love about it so much."