Lots of black men down on one knee with fists raised in the street with police man in foreground
Saturday, October 28, 1-4pm, beginning immediately west of the intersection of N. High St. and E. 15th Ave. [east of the Wexner Center for the Arts, 1871 N. High St.]; and then marching to the OSU Stadium, 411 Woody Hayes Dr.   On October 16, Shelley Meyer [wife of OSU football coach Urban Meyer] made it very clear that she does not support Colin Kaepernick and his fight against police brutality towards People Of Color.   When 10TV news posted a tweet about Kaepernick having filed grievances against the NFL, she responded, “What-ever. He made his choices.”   It is absolutely unacceptable for the wife of a football coach to condemn the actions of the NFL and “take a knee.” We must stand (better yet kneel) in solidarity with Kaepernick where it needs to be done the most: The Shoe.   The Meyers need to know that we do not accept Shelley and her negative reaction to Kaepernick; we certainly do not accept her half-hearted apology that she had posted later.   The below details of this event have been locked in.   1pm: Meet at the pillars in front of the Wexner Center of the Arts [west of the intersection of on High St. and 15th Ave.].   1-1:30pm: Speakers and open mic   1:45pm: March to the OSU Stadium   The route to the OSU Stadium will be detailed before departure.   1. Wear all black if possible. We would love to see a red “7” on your back [red tape will be available if you want to use it]!   2. We are requesting that all banners and signs reference Black Lives Matter, police brutality, solidarity with Kaepernick, etc. If you want to mention an organization name with one of these messages, that is fine. This will keep the focus on the issue at hand; police brutality against People Of Color.   3. OSU will be playing Penn State; traffic and parking will be horrible. If at all possible, carpool, Uber, Lyft, take a cab, or take the bus. You will thank me in the end.   I look forward to marching alongside you all this weekend.   In Solidarity.   Hosted by Junto Unsilenced and Stop Trump Columbus.