White man with sunglasses, a gray beard and a baseball cap wearing a Solidarity T-shirt is outside among lots of people with downtown Columbus in the background, holding a sign that says City Council Master Abators Support Schools not the Rich

Rev. Gary Witte calls out the ones responsible for the tax abatements that take money from the Columbus city schools. On April 24, approximately 400 Columbus school teachers marched to the headquarters of one of the local corporations that has received a "15-year, 100 percent property-tax abatement last year for a new $225 million office complex in downtown Columbus to be completed by 2024," according to ThisWeek newspaper. Holding a banner that stated "Cover My Students" they descended upon the firm CoverMyMeds to protest how that corporation will "avoid more than $50 million in property taxes thanks to the abatement it received from the city," reported WOSU Radio. The teachers' union says the abatements hurt the public educational system in Columbus because it relies on property taxes for funding. 

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