Black and white photo of three women, two black and one Latina smiling at the camera

Thursday May 10, 7pm, Columbus Mennonite Church, 35 Oakland Park Ave.

We are building a future where mothers and their children can be together.

As Mother’s Day approaches, join us for an intersectional, sacred, and movement-building conversation where three women will come together to share their stories as mothers.

• A Mexican immigrant mother who has been in sanctuary for seven months and is fighting to be at home with her family.

• An African-American mother whose son was killed by the Columbus Police Department.

• A refugee mother who had to choose which son to leave in Uganda because she could only bring one child with her.

We will release a short video of their story and share individual and collective actions on how we must fight to keep mothers with their children.

Hosted by Solidarity with Edith Espinal.


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