Young man singing

It’s been a while since I was a groupie of any band. I am too old for concert going and fan obsession...or so I thought. I have found my new calling. I have been revived. Last night I attended the concert of Young Rising Sons, a soulful soul-filled band from Red Bank, NJ.  

The show started with The Mosers, their music is upbeat, fun and loud and their personalities shown through in their new sound. Their energy was a great way to start the show.

Following this uplifting act came Night Riots. Lead singer Travis Hawley’s voice was hauntingly eerie and it was fitting we were in Brooklyn, as they were as hipster (in a good way) as they come. At one point Travis stood on the drums. Yes, on the Drums – don’t ask me how. Their music left you entranced and ready, and talent was tangible. 

The audience wanted more. And more came...Young Rising Sons jumped to the stage and everyone was immediately captivated. Their set was perfectly sung and every moment felt real and genuine. Andy Tongren, the lead singer (originally from Columbus, Ohio) interacted with the audience abandoning his mic singing “Somebody” with everyone. We repeated after him as he taught us words while the band sang in harmony. The whole experience was surreal. It didn’t just feel like a concert but as he said on stage, we felt part of a community. Andy and the band, Julian Dimagiba, Dylan Scott and Steve Patrick -- felt united, and included us in that unity. Julian and Andy even shared a magical sweaty kiss. Andy asked everyone to take a second to meet the people around us – not the norm for a usual concert. We met our fellow fans and immediately the Sons community expanded. Whomever came just to see some good music left a loyal fan. 

Technically speaking they were spot on. It's apparent they have done this for years. Tongren's soultry voice - never misses a note. They know each other, you can feel it--  and with that comfort and dedication you just fall into the sounds they've created.

I found myself in another world, entranced in the experience of it all. Their songs hit home. We all want to feel young again, we all want to see the hard times pass and remember that passion we have for love and life. Back when I was in high school we had the world in our hands. As we treck on, we have to often be reminded only live once, and we should fight for our life -- the best life. Their music blows on those embers and wakes you up from hibernation.

 “You know the sun's finally rising/ I see the frost turn to gold / I've got this young love inside me/ Must be what's burning my soul.” (Red and Gold) Sons write their own music and lyrics. Each song is like a drug you need to have and hear. Over and over. Each song helps ease the struggles of life in a way that has your heart in their hands. A fresh reminder of what music is supposed to be. You may know them from their hit song "High," which once you listen to you won't be able to stop. But their raw lyrics and serene sounds truly read deep human experience and connection- without the low there ain't no high.

High may have put them on the map but all of their songs on their EP are unique and catchy.

"I know times are hard these days/ if you need a hand to pull you out from the shade/ I'll be that somebody."

Yes Sons, you will be that somebody. If I had to choose, I choose you - the ultimate remedy to sooth your soul.