Large white man with jewish hat and wire rimmed glasses, a longish brown beard wearing a white collared button down shirt and black button vest his hand gesturing as he talks to someone to his right
30 August 2017

Losing your wife is tough enough. Imagine losing your wife and subsequently being told you’re no longer fit to raise your son.

That’s the situation the title character faces in Menashe, an...

The word DETROIT in gold within a movie marquee
10 August 2017

Dr. Bob Fitrakis reviews the film; Detroit (2017); Amidst the chaos of the...

White book cover with black words White Trash the untold history of class
05 August 2017

Not since President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty have we seen so much attention paid to poor white people. The iconic Life magazine photo of Johnson sitting on the front porch of a poor white Appalachian family...

Person in a white sheet with two eye holes against an eerie gray background
01 August 2017

I wasn’t bowled over by last year’s Ghostbusters remake, which seemed like a waste of a good cast. Even some of its fans seemed to like it mainly because it broke new cinematic ground by portraying women as competent professionals...

Collage of images from films in the Fest
07 July 2017

In 1926, W.E.B. Du Bois said “The Plays of a real Negro theatre must be…About us…By us…For us…Near us.” 

This is the philosophy that is behind the 5th Annual Columbus Black Theatre Festival (CBTF).  The CBTF event is organized to...

Lots of black & white photos of Tupac and others with captions
06 July 2017

Leftist black activists don’t get represented in Hollywood productions much, unless they represent the more mainstream Civil Rights movement. All Eyez On Me gives the radical leftist angle on rap icon Tupac Shakur’s family,...


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