Two young white men in military uniforms sitting dejectedly on a bench
02 May 2018

When the mother of an Israeli soldier finds dour-faced people in uniforms at her door, she doesn’t have to be told why they’re there. Her grief is immediate—and immediately quashed. The visitors plunge a hypo into the woman’s leg and...

A blond woman with her hair in a knot of top of her head looking out as an image in a mirror with her mouth open and showing her belly between a red bra top and blue bottom with her hand on her belly
20 April 2018

Just hours before attending a preview screening of I Feel Pretty, I happened to be riding a stationary bike at my gym when the nearest TV showed Amy Schumer plugging the flick on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Book cover with words in tall gold letters Flock of Four and above the back silhouette of four people looking at a stage with a woman on the stage and curtains pulled back on both sides
16 April 2018

La La Land was pelted with jokes galore for its alleged depiction of a white man who wanted to “save” jazz. Personally, I thought the attacks were unfair. The way I saw it, Ryan Gosling’s character was simply a white musician...

Man with big screen-like goggles like virtual reality headgear with a big glove stretched out on his hand
03 April 2018

The good news: By 2045, Columbus has bucked its opioid addiction. The bad news: It’s replaced it with something far worse.

Our hometown is depicted as the headquarters of a virtual playground called the Oasis in Ready Player...

Yellow background with sketchy drawings of jockeys riding horses
23 March 2018

Friday, March 23
Ohio Shorts, 7-8:45pm, Drexel Theater, 2254 E. Main St.
Not Quite Midnight Shorts. 9:30-11:30pm, Drexel Theater, 2254 E. Main St.

Book cover, black bakground, photo of black man bending over with a mic to his mouth singing and arm swinging backwards and the words In the Midnight Hour the life & soul of Wilson Pickett by Tony Fletcher
14 March 2018

In the Midnight Hour chronicles two parallel tracks of twentieth century African American history: the Great Migration, when 1.75 million African Americans left the rural south for the urban north from 1910 through 1940, and...


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