Collage of images from films in the Fest
07 July 2017

In 1926, W.E.B. Du Bois said “The Plays of a real Negro theatre must be…About us…By us…For us…Near us.” 

This is the philosophy that is behind the 5th Annual Columbus Black Theatre Festival (CBTF).  The CBTF event is organized to...

Lots of black & white photos of Tupac and others with captions
06 July 2017

Leftist black activists don’t get represented in Hollywood productions much, unless they represent the more mainstream Civil Rights movement. All Eyez On Me gives the radical leftist angle on rap icon Tupac Shakur’s family,...

white haired man with moustache standing outside hair blowing in wind
04 July 2017

It’s so nice when a movie gives you more than you expect. That’s the case with The Hero, a gentle tale that continually surprises us.

The biggest surprise involves the relationship that develops between 71-year-old actor Lee...

Brown book cover with lots of family photos on the front depicting families with people of different colors and the words Same Family, Different Colors
13 June 2017

Like many black people, I grew up knowing families in which the color of everyone’s skin was different, sometimes dramatically so. I also have people in my own family on both sides who at first glance, appear to be white, but who...

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow the pirate
31 May 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is awash in mysteries, but the biggest is existential in nature. Namely, why does this flick exist? 

In 2003, Disney gave us the first film in the series, The Curse of the Black...

A woman on the phone and another woman looking at her in an alarmed way
03 May 2017

It’s no surprise that so many movies focus on the teenage years. Just think what this time of life puts us through.

After ambling our way through adolescence, we suddenly have to make crucial decisions about our future while...


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