Map of Canada with red and white image of flag on the map
21 November 2016

We live in a racist patriarchy. If you followed the 2016 Election and possess any sense of social justice, that is obvious. Those of us who are white and heterosexual have a distinct advantage over those who are not; those of us who are...

People with their fists in the air at an anti-Trump rally
17 November 2016

Last Wednesday morning, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. On Wednesday night there began protests against the idea of a President Trump all over the country. These demonstrations have spread here to...

Hillary Clinton talking into a mic
05 November 2016

Why, why, why, are people saying that we should prepare to hold Hillary Clinton accountable once she is in office? Why on Earth isn’t everybody doing that right now? Are we seriously going to gift her the White House and ...

Trump with Ohio flag
03 November 2016

John F. Kennedy once said: “There is no city in the United States which I get a warmer welcome and fewer votes than Columbus, Ohio.”

Even if you live on Mars you probably know, “As goes Ohio, so goes the nation.” Yet in 1960,...

Kevin Boyce
02 November 2016

Although Kevin Boyce’s tenure as Ohio treasurer from 2009-2010 was riddled with scandal, Boyce claims he knew nothing about the corruption carried out by his deputy treasurer, Amer Ahmad, who is now in federal prison. Boyce’s claim was...

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25 October 2016

I write this column with a heavy heart.

Two fields of endeavor that I care deeply about are disintegrating before my eyes.

In politics, the two candidates for president are deeply flawed and profoundly unpopular.



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