Joe Motil
20 May 2016

City Council must have been in a generous mood earlier this week during its Monday meeting at City Hall when it handed out two 10 year 75% tax abatements worth $680,710 to Hubbard Park Place LLC and Brunner Building LLC for two separate...

04 May 2016

We are back talking about Columbus police wearing body cameras and placing cameras on patrol cars, so we can catch the rare instance when a cop goes wrong...

Red white and blue donkey Democrat symbol
21 April 2016

This evening, the Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee is holding its first meeting since the primary election to appoint new leadership. Before the meeting, elected leaders from Yes We Can Columbus, Count Me In...

Marijuana leaf
19 April 2016

I was asked to write an article about “420.” Apropos, I guess, considering my name. So I began conceptualizing the piece. Perhaps a few interesting innuendos and stoner stories peppered with a traipse through time. As light-hearted as...

An H 2 O image
15 April 2016

The final year for using medical marijuana illegally on 420 could be 2016 as two groups are seeking to put a medical marijuana amendment on this November’s ballot. Parallel to these 420 activists are Ohio lawmakers who introduced a...

View of Downtown Columbus Ohio OH from North Bank Park Pavillion on Scioto River
30 March 2016

Two weeks before the Ohio primary, OSU head football coach Urban Meyer was having none of that endorsement stuff. He said he was not going to run that play....


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