Photo of Bob
03 February 2016

How do we make sense of the current battles within the Democratic Party? Hillary vs. Bernie – and grassroots progressives vs. Boss Bill Anthony, Franklin County Democratic Party Chair, and the corrupt one-party machine in Columbus?...

Photo fo John Kasich
03 February 2016

Gov. John Kasich's bid for the Republican presidential nomination already appears to have cost Ohio taxpayers $1 million.

The governor has refused to release the cost of security and transportation,...

John Kasich in front of flag
13 January 2016

The New York Times is no match for Gov. John Kasich's slick manipulation.

  We already know that The Columbus Dispatch is an easy mark for the governor turned presidential candidate.

  In a...

Image of cop beating someone
13 January 2016

Last December 2015 while some waited for the holidays to bring them “good cheer” and were consumed with the media hype in regards to Trump, or just waited for the year to end, many African Americans and Civil Rights Activists...

17 December 2015

  A good newspaper understands the political sensitivities of the community it serves and reflects that understanding in the newspaper's coverage and opinion-making.
   A newspaper that fails to understand and reflect the nature...

Voting box
27 October 2015

When you are lazy, ignorant and not willing to do research – accuse your more-informed opponents of being “conspiracy theorists.” A recent Columbus Dispatch editorial utilized this technique in its defense of Ohio’s antiquated...


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