Buds of pot on  the left that look like just a ball of dirt, and a paper next to them that says Orgo Blackberry for Medical
04 January 2018

It turns out that cannabis is not the evil wacky weed we were led to believe by criminals disguised as politicians, but instead, provides the pathway to better living and good health. How does cannabis work as a medicine and why are so...

Black and white photo of a young man with long flowing brown hair with a headband across his forehead holding a baseball bat as if he's about to swing
30 December 2017

Enough is enough. Especially when it comes to a name.

Many of you have undoubtedly faced a crisis or two about your own. It can come from anywhere, like changing (or NOT) your family name when getting married. Or dumping the...

Trump, heavyset man in suit with red tie waving next to wife Melania, shapely woman with long brown hair standing in front of a military plane with people in foreground facing him
21 December 2017

The tax bill advertised by Republicans as a Christmas gift to the American people is in fact a gift to the Global Corporate CEOs and other such executives on incentive compensation plans.  The most favored of this group are the...

Cartoonish face of Trump with orange skin and pursed lips next to words Warning anxious dismissive inflexible and more
06 December 2017

Achievement is a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage or skill. Attainment, realization, accomplishment, fulfilment, implementation, execution, performance. As I look back over the year 2017 I find myself thinking about...

Black and white drawing of four people holding their fists up with signs that say Black Pride 4
17 November 2017

JVP Central Ohio stands with the public in demanding that City Attorney Richard C. Pfeiffer Jr. and Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien drop ALL charges against the four people who were arrested by Columbus Police officers at...

Book cover with black man in suit with pink tie looking ahead with hand by side of head as if thinking and some white pills to the right and the name Umar Johnson in red letters below
04 November 2017

Dr. Umar Johnson returned to Columbus this past October. Dr. Johnson is a doctor of clinical psychology and certified school psychologist. In his book, Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The special education and ADHD wars against...


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