Lots of squares making up one big picture some with photos of people and animals or plants and some with words
06 February 2019

In a society where world population is on the rise and citizens are increasingly connected through technology, theorists claim the infamous “six degrees of separation” has narrowed to “three degrees.” How many individuals know someone...

Black man in gray shirt taping up the hand of a young white boy in a yellow tank top
04 February 2019

Norman Mailer wrote there are two types of brave men. Those who are brave by the grace of nature “the naturally brave” and those who become brave by “an act of will.”

Boxing gyms are filled with the former. The “naturally brave”...

Close up of many dollars scattered on top of each other
30 January 2019

After a second public hearing where citizens again strongly opposed the amount as way too high, Columbus City Council unanimously enacted a $12,707.79 annual limit on contributions to candidates for city offices. Council member Michael...

Blue background with words National Health Service Corps and a logo of a heart with a plus sign inside
23 January 2019

Accepting applications through Thursday, February 21, 7:30 p.m. ET

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) seeks clinicians who want to serve the nation’s underserved rural, urban and tribal communities.


Black and pick mess on a floor and words Caution Asbestos
17 January 2019

It’s been almost 70 years since the idea of climate change was introduced to the world — 70 years of compiling data, furthering research, and building the kind of ironclad case that only science can build. And yet, there is still a very...

Two guys on a roof installing a solar panel
03 January 2019

Energy and all its concerns are being solved every day in conversations held by big media pundits and dinner table enthusiasts. The problem is that no one is doing the work – or at least, almost no one.

Headlines will often read...


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