Drone flying in the sky, three propellers
16 September 2018

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Green chart about hemp facts
06 September 2018

An amazing thing happened in Washington DC. No, it didn’t involve the President, or at least not yet. But it did come from the Republican camp. Congress’ most powerful politician – Washington’s red light,  green light – is championing...

Word Hypnotherapy and arrows from it pointing to words self esteem, weight loss, phobias, stress, panic attacks, anxiety
01 September 2018

During my life I have met and interacted with four women who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. There is one common thread between all these four women. They all have lost their only child to accident, disease, terrorist...

Metal structure spread out like an open book on stilty metal legs with an electronic screen in the middle
24 August 2018

The speed that hackers were able to breach security on dozens of electronic voting machines at one of the United States’ largest cybersecurity conferences underscores the long-standing problem with computerized electronic voting systems...

Red letters Rumpke and Waste & Recycling Services
22 August 2018
Two fires within 24 hours at Rumpke’s Columbus Recycling Facility has prompted the need for another reminder – please watch what you are putting in your Rumpke recycling and trash containers.   “We are incredibly proud of our team members...
White man with white hair facing a group of young women sitting in chairs facing him, with a white paper on a tripod
16 August 2018

An issue might be burning through the community. Friends and colleagues might always be talking about a nagging issue. A problem or grievance that might have seemed personal turns out to be shared by many who want a vehicle to demand...


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