Friday, March 31, 1:30-6pm, Ohio Union [Round Meeting Room] [located on the third floor of the Ohio Union], 1739 N. High St.


Session 1 (1:30-3pm): “The Particularities of Religious Violence”

Break (3-3:30pm)

Session 2 (3:30-5:30pm): “Studying Religious Violence”

Reception (5:30-6pm)


• Bruce Lawrence, Duke University, “Rethinking Islam and Violence in Post-Osama, and now Post-Obama, America”

• Michael Jerryson, Youngstown State University, “Buddhism, Violence and Sacred Emergencies”

• Kevin O’Neill, University of Toronto, “On Predation and Pastoralism on Postwar Guatemala”

• Elizabeth Castelli, Columbia University, “Legacies of Ancient Christian Ambivalence Toward Violence”

Sponsored by OSU Center for the Study of Religion.


Friday, March 31, 2017 - 1:30pm


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