Sunday, March 10, 3-5pm, Just North United Church of Christ [UCC], 2040 W. Henderson Rd.

This will be a conversation of the heart. It will begin with the generous sharing by “Jennie and Choco” of their 15-year journey toward documented status for Choco. It is an astonishing narrative of human resilience, faith, determination, and love. Pastors from the three churches in Columbus that have provided Sanctuary to protect women and their families from ICE deportation will each be present. They will discuss the transformative power — for individuals, for congregations, and for the wider Sanctuary Movement — of direct housing.

The forum will also speak to the deeply gratifying experience of providing ongoing support to “housing churches,” particularly through the organization and provision of meals and coordinated social justice action.

Immigration law experts will participate to discuss the daily human impact, within the Columbus community, of our nation’s treatment and mistreatment of undocumented persons.

The anticipation is that this event will be a beginning, not an ending. Following the formal presentations, opportunities to explore the greater power and impact of collaborative initiatives — both ecumenical and interfaith — will be provided. Opportunities to network, contact information for persons currently involved and experienced in the Columbus Sanctuary Movement, and some heavy hors d’oeuvres will follow the formal presentation.


• Jennie, Choco, Rev. Joel Miller (Columbus Mennonite Church)

• Rev. Sally Padgett (First English Lutheran Church)

• Rev. Eric Williams (Just North United Church of Christ)

• Inna Simakovsky and Liliana Vasquez (Simakovsky Law)

• Austin McCabe Juhnke, Gwen Reiser, Samantha Shivner, Ginnie Vogts, and Jan Phillips (First Unitarian Universalist Church)

• Dawn Leach and Tess Caley (Just North United Church of Christ)


Sunday, March 10, 2019 - 3:00pm

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