J. J. (or just Jen) Ulm lives in the Fifth By Northwest neighborhood of Columbus with three ferrets and her long-suffering best friend-slash-roommate. She grew up first in rural Alabama, then in the Washington D.C. suburbs, but as a Columbus resident since 2002 she considers Ohio her true home. She worked at Half Price Books and then Nationwide before recently deciding to get serious about writing, and she writes fiction in addition to her articles for the Free Press. Her obsessions include Transformers, writing implements, and long-out-of-print sci-fi and fantasy authors.

Articles by Author

windows 10 logo
04 August 2015

If you use a computer with either Windows 7 or Windows 8, you’ve probably seen a notification recently about Windows 10. (What happened to 9? Don’t ask....

Photo from Final Fantasy 7 Remake
03 July 2015

After E3 2014’s overdose of angry scruffy white men, E3 2015 was a marginally more open and diverse affair. More game publishers than usual held...

Origins logo
10 June 2015

Origins Game Fair hit an attendance record this year, with over 15,000 attendees gathering at the Greater Columbus Convention Center to see the latest in...

04 June 2015

  Mad Max: Fury Road, Hollywood’s latest attempt to revive a moribund franchise, drew a lot of attention even before its release by causing outrage among “...

04 June 2015

Geeks are taking over the Greater Columbus Convention Center once again this weekend for the 2015 Origins Game Fair. Origins is one of the biggest gaming...

Monster Hunter Ultimate logo
19 May 2015

If you’re the sort of gamer who carries their 3DS around town to pick up StreetPasses (and there are plenty of you out there!) you might have noticed that...