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Colorful drawing of a landscape with a sun, windmills, people holding hands, some trees and the words Ohio Community Rights Network
21 August 2018

CHILLICOTHE, OHIO:  On August 8th, the Fourth District Court of Appeals dismissed the Athens County Bill of Rights Committee’s (ACBORC) appeal to...

CELDF and words Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund in white letters on blue background
18 August 2017

In several “news” articles posted over the past few weeks, oil and gas industry and their allies argue that a local Community Bill of Rights ballot...

A sign reading No Pipelines
24 March 2017

Bowling Green, OH:  The Bowling Green Climate Protectors coalition announced today they are gathering signatures to place their ...

Carolyn on the right, blonde woman with maroon winter hat and glasses standing next to car with Native American woman on right
25 February 2017

Some of you may already know that Carolyn Harding of Columbus traveled to Standing Rock this week to stand with the people in that community standing up to...

Cartoon depicting how state affects people's rights
28 January 2017

Many of us in Ohio were duped into voting against our own best interests on Election Day in November 2015. Issue 2 was presented by the 1% as an...

08 September 2016

Dear Ohio Activists and Concerned Residents,

Many of us have been watching the events unfolding on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North...