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A long sign saying Pro choice on everything Libertarian Party held outside in front of the Washington monument
31 October 2018

On the heels of the recent report that we’ll all be dead from climate change in a few decades, several friends have asked me – how do libertarians feel...

Young white man with dark rimmed glasses and a suit with lots of political buttons and a big smile
03 October 2018

As we barrel towards Election Day, it’s become clear the Ohio Debate Commission wasn’t actually created to ensure robust debate for Ohio’s voters. On the...

Drawing of two masks, one smiling, one frowning
06 September 2018

As September begins, Ohio’s newly formed medical marijuana program continues to be plagued by various delays and failures. As a direct result, our state’s...

White man middle-aged in dark suit with red tie and white shirt talking and holding up his hand by his chest in front of a red and white striped background
30 July 2018

If we needed more proof of why Ohio Republicans are the reason we can’t have nice things, it turns out that Governor John Kasich’s controversial Medicaid...

Young brown haired man wearing a blue t-shirt saying Bexley and waving a tiny flag in front of some kind of wall with words on it
06 July 2018

As the midterm election heats up in Ohio, it’s time to recognize the important role minor political parties play in our bellwether state, as well as across...

Rainbow colored fist and words Columbus Community Pride 2018 Back to our Roots
07 June 2018

As summer starts to take over the Midwestern air, we’re approaching what is easily one of the best times in Ohio -- festival season. From the recent...