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Cartoon people sitting around a table
05 November 2019

The devil is in the details. This is especially true in organizing!

One question that I’m asked over and over when discussing how to construct an...

Two sets of black people shaking hands
14 September 2019

If an organizing committee is at the heart of building a community organization, how do you find the people who will join that committee? This definitely is...

Older white haired man making a face and holding his hand up facing out in front of his face
08 May 2019

Mass organizations need people who will fill the role of organizers.  Interns, students, and other volunteers are essential along with government paid or...

Red banner with acorn logo and words ACORN Association of Community Organizations
06 March 2019

A mass organization can’t make it without members and volunteers doing a tremendous amount of work. There is no way that any level of dues collection or...

Two yellow street signs on a post against a blue sky one says MONEY and one is a money symbol
26 November 2018

In starting an organization, the first thought for many is, “Where do we get the money?” The answer doesn’t have to be that hard. Why not create a dues...

Gray haired thin man standing by a white paper flip chart in front of a group of people at a table
22 September 2018
In building an organization sustainability and self-sufficiency are essential, but money is not what drives the creation and survival of an organization. There...