Black/white photo of guy playing a guitar in a band
01 June 2017

I first saw Betsy Ross at the Blind Engineer's CD release party at Ace of Cups in July of last year. I only managed to catch a couple of songs, but I remember being impressed by the band and especially the playing of their bass...

A list of bands with a lot of handwritten notes all over it
31 May 2017

I began my month certain that Metallica possessed the mother bread of justice. I feel they understand the human condition and have a special role in American culture. Everyone I know says, “I love the first three or four Metallica...

Black and white photo of black guy playing guitar with people all around dancing
04 May 2017

I hit up Columbus Native Franz Lyons and asked him about his band Turnstile performing at the sold-out Metallica headlined Rock On the Range festival. Franz replied in regards to the size of the crowd. “I think it will make more sense...

Guy with dark beard, sunglasses and sword next to a silver statue of a half-naked warrior with metal helmet
02 May 2017

Spring break in Downtown Las Vegas. As is typical of my well rounded personality, I was calmly minding my own business and not causing any trouble. My serenity was even more impressive given a streak of rotten luck which included a...

Close up of a young white man's face with dark hair askew and a moustache and goatee
06 April 2017

Do you want to watch a rap documentary where you honestly say to yourself:  “I really like this guy?” If so I recommend, The World Has No Eyedea, a film about Michael “Eyedea” Larson, a Minneapolis rap icon who was...

Black man in red suit holding a guitar
05 April 2017

It is almost impossible to find a picture of Chuck Berry where he isn’t holding a guitar, typically a Gibson ES-350T or ES-335. Although the 335 is probably more common in the photo vaults, most of records that Berry made during his...


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