Coffee mug that says Wisdom is something
01 June 2016

I’ll admit it. I built this month around watching the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs while scrolling Facebook and IG on my phone.

1. I like the idea of LeBron coming home and getting the title more than I like the...

Oliver North
01 June 2016

In 2008 I visited the lovely, dangerous Helmand Province in our 51st state, Afghanistan, as a guest of the 23rd Marine Expeditionary Unit and my hero, Dick Cheney,...

Young woman posing with a violin
28 May 2016

Went to our gloriously funky Columbus Symphony's Latin Fiesta (Homage To Tango) at the Southern Theatre, Saturday May 21, and man, was it muy tremendeso (please forgive my pidgen Argentinian language problems, I mean,...

04 May 2016

By press time, it might well be that everything there is to say about Prince had been said, and then some. Forgive me though, if I take a couple of minutes to...

04 May 2016

Two things.

Used Kids is no longer on the OSU campus. Used Kids moving to Summit/Hudson is momentous...

Guy playing guitar with Kentucky Fried chicken bucket on his head, he has white makeup like a mime
04 May 2016

Weirdo well-established solo electric guitarist Buckethead could easily run for president this year. He's got gimmicks galore--let us count the ways we saw at his recent...


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