Hillary with mouth and eyes scarily open, Insane Clown Posse guy in scary whiteface with an ax, and Trump with his hair blowing straight up in the air
05 August 2016

"In politics stupidity is not a handicap."--Napoleon Bonaparte

Are we really any different than ancient Rome?

You know what the hell I'm talking about so let's cut the bullshit.


Cover of album
28 July 2016

Several years ago, I had a conversation with Robert Loss, Blind Engineers singer and principal songwriter, about the Bruce Springsteen song “The River.” If you don't know it, the gist of that song is the angst of a young man who gets...

RNC poster
06 July 2016

In the wake of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ upset victory over the Golden State Warriors, a minor squabble has erupted over the 10-story tall LeBron James banner that presently hangs on the Sherwin-Williams building in downtown Cleveland....

Photo of Illogic
06 July 2016

I swapped info to set up this interview regarding Illogic’s new album, “A Man Who Thinks With Own Mind” while Aesop rock was performing.

It was heartwarming to see that some of underground rap’s finest were still friends.

Rapper singing
28 June 2016

One the first times I thought about Aesop Rock, I ended up looking at sculptures by Alberto Giacometti after listening to “Shere Khan” on the acclaimed rappers 1997 “Music for Earthworms” Ep because he referenced the Swiss artist when...

Photo of Jesse
11 June 2016

Study a picture of Jesse Hughes, my fellow old-timers. The lead singer and funny man of Eagles of Death Metal reminds you of who?

To this loving son of the '70s, I see in him:

--first and foremost, one or two members of...


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