J. J. (or just Jen) Ulm lives in the Fifth By Northwest neighborhood of Columbus with three ferrets and her long-suffering best friend-slash-roommate. She grew up first in rural Alabama, then in the Washington D.C. suburbs, but as a Columbus resident since 2002 she considers Ohio her true home. She worked at Half Price Books and then Nationwide before recently deciding to get serious about writing, and she writes fiction in addition to her articles for the Free Press. Her obsessions include Transformers, writing implements, and long-out-of-print sci-fi and fantasy authors.

Articles by Author

Big eagle flying with someone on its back
15 April 2017

There’s a predictable cycle to pop culture phenomenons: hyper popularity for a few years, followed by dismissal as something that’s “over...

Round circle logo of national security agency with eagle in the middle
05 April 2017

Last year, the FCC passed rules that restricted internet service providers, both home and mobile, to only  being able to disclose customers’ online habits...

Gray electronic devices
21 March 2017

These days, every new console launch is followed by an online flood of complaints about quality control issues. Far too many original Nintendo DS systems...

Man with a beard close to the camera
06 March 2017

Let’s just get this much out of the way: Yes, Logan is a really, really good movie. And it’s finally the movie the character deserves.


Comic book with Captain America punching a Nazi
02 March 2017

Sometimes the real world needs heroes. And sometimes those heroes need inspiration.

To anyone only passingly familiar with Captain America, it's easy...

Cartoon girl character in a cape
20 February 2017

For years, Nintendo publicly dragged its feet about entering the mobile games market. It had dominated mobile gaming in its own way for decades, with the...