15 October 2015

   Mac Miller performed at the Promowest Pavillon Sunday.  Miller just dropped a new album called “G.O.O.D. A.M” and is touring in support of it. He recently switched from Rostrum to his own REMember imprint through Warner Brothers....

Kinks cover
30 September 2015

It's beginning to look like political season has finally arrived, and it isn't just that we have two debates under our belt and primaries about to begin. The telling statistic is that fully 85 percent of op-ed writers, most of...

Photo of hip hoppers
30 September 2015

“88 Like We Bringing the Rooftop Back.”- Iggy Azealia or Nas

“I didn’t meet Rakim til later with Scott/I remember we were jammin’ at the Rooftop...

Photo of Keith Richards
30 September 2015

You get three things in spades with new Keith Richards album: feel, feel and more feel. You don't automatically think it--that comes second. You...feel it. But of course. Then you think, ah, the old bastard's back, nice, so...

B/W photo of man and woman from band
05 September 2015

Monday, the Tenth day of August in the Hundred-Score-and-Five-and-Tenth year since B.C.(E.)
  We wanted to see Die Antwoord and we got word the opener, Get Weird, wasn’t worth watching, so DJ and...


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