Cover o Beatles Anthology album
03 July 2015

How does one re-acclimate to America after spending time in a lovely war zone like the Helmand Province in Afghanistan? Exactly what is the first step to fitting back in the American comfort zone we all so secretly love?   ...

DJ Ororo and DJ Dingo8 In the stairway of Used Kids
04 June 2015

"First Person Singular" is an occasional column by JP Marat that empowers artists, musicians and community activists to speak in their own voice. Sincere thanks to the Columbus Free Press for the opportunity to let our voices be heard...

04 June 2015

Hodgie Street is a rapper from Lima, who has spent plenty of his rap years inside I-270 after moving here in 2001.
  The Ohio rapper’s bio states he was discovered by Ginuwine in 2005.

  For me...

Cartoons of four guys heads in the band
04 June 2015

Barely Eagle’s new record is laden with hatred which is ironic because the Barely Eagle guys are some of the chummiest people.
  I don’t think it’s fake.

  They’ve been friends since grade school, and...

Young woman at outdoor festival wearing a shell necklace
04 June 2015

Sweet lord, spring has sprung! By the time you read this, Memorial Day will be past and it will probably already be too goddamn hot. Clouds of mosquitos will have descended, and hundreds of home recording enthusiasts will...

The Rolling Stones
04 June 2015

Can one imagine the world without the Rolling Stones?  No.

  There has always been a Rolling Stones and there will always be a Rolling Stones.

  I will vote many times for any member of...


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