Red X over an electric guitar
06 August 2015

When Kix Roxx takes the Jazz Meets Origami Festival stage with his band, Razor Dragon Assault, he’ll be doing so for the final time.
  “I’m tired of being the only purveyor of eardrum destroying...

Jimi Hendrx album cover
06 August 2015

Imagine waking from your own funky dream world right into another's--or, exactly how nice is it is to wake up with a Jimi Hendrix song playing in your head?
  Very nice, indeed.

  Especially when it's a...

Photo of Kevin Gates
06 August 2015

When I sing in the shower, or the car or am the weird dude rapping to himself, you might  catch me randomly yelling Kevin Gates lyrics like  “I’m f*cking with the plug daughter.” It’s probably because I lack the verbal...

Photo of Tink
03 July 2015

I do like the fact that while we aren’t a media market but we are given the opportunity to see people before they blow up because of Schoolboy Productions, who now goes by Old Boy Pro.
  Tink came to Park Street...

Working Man photo
03 July 2015

Although it does make me question the purpose of a music critic, I am at that point in my life where I am prepared to admit nobody listens to music the same way. There appears to be a general consensus that some music is...

Cover o Beatles Anthology album
03 July 2015

How does one re-acclimate to America after spending time in a lovely war zone like the Helmand Province in Afghanistan? Exactly what is the first step to fitting back in the American comfort zone we all so secretly love?   ...


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