Young smiling woman with long black hair and big black-rimmed glasses holding a bright colorful sign that says DREAMER on it
26 April 2018
Cincinnati, OH –  Following yet ...
The photo of a white man in a big white police hate with black brim and badge on it scowling on his face and a cop uniform with the words a the left saying Be on the lookout for this officer
03 April 2018

Armed and dangerous: He’s the plainclothes “jump out boy” who shot up a Linden neighborhood in the summer of 2016 killing a young black resident, Henry Green. He’s the uniformed officer seen on tape stomping on a black...

Three black women and a white woman standing outside looking very serious
23 March 2018

Barbara Freeman, a survivor of human trafficking and the first graduate of Franklin County’s CATCH Court, will celebrate the opening of a sober...

White man with gray hair and a suit with an NRA button on with dollars all around him
05 March 2018

Did you know that in the first year of the Trump regime “anti-Semitic incidents” surged 57 percent, according the Anti-Defamation’s League (ADL) annual report. No Trump hyperbole, this was the single largest increase ever recorded by...

Black man smiling and holding an illustration of Obama
04 March 2018

The Free Press is proud of our friend Malcom J who stepped in to help a bartender deal with an unrule customer, and got whacked in the eye with a broken beer bottle for his trouble. As of this printing, Malcolm is in the hospital and...

Young woman with brown rimmed glasses, long brown hair in winter clothes outside with her purse over her shoulder an holding it close to her body, looking like she is talking
31 January 2018

I am an attorney and guardian ad litem (GAL) in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. An important part of my job is protecting the rights of adults and minors who live in Ohio, and in my city.  Every day I strive to advocate for...


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