Young black man closeup of his face smiling
07 March 2019

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Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
02 March 2019

I am tired of elected officials acting like they are smarter than we, the people.

I am tired of them acting like we, the people, are Rip Van Winkles, who just woke up from a long sleep.

I am tired of them scheming with and...

Woman's torso with hands holding mug that says Like a Boss
13 February 2019

Every day in the U.S., women fight to break the glass ceiling and rise to the top of companies and industries that were predominantly held by men. Forbes...

05 February 2019

At the end of January, the investigation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and their potential ties to Russia seemed to focus around one person – Roger Stone. This developed into a weekend news cycle around Stone that prompted...

Red white and blue police badge with eagle at top and Santa Maria in the middle with words Columbus Ohio police
11 January 2019

Chief Jacobs is Out

So, Chief Kim Jacobs is leaving her post a few months earlier than previously expected – on February 8, 2019.

The Chief hasn’t been on the job since late October and the department has...

White guy in a white shirt with football stadium seats behind him
01 January 2019

A fantasy...

January 15, 2019.

Urban Meyer is tooling west on I-70 in Indiana in his Audi S7, tires barely touching the pavement, on his way to an interview at the University of Iowa.

He notices a solitary...


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