Old white man with orange hair coming down on his forehead looking goofy
31 October 2018

First of all, if you are reading this you are not a dummy. However, you are most certainly considered to be a dummy by anyone who fits the psychological profile called the “malignant narcissist.” My intent is to describe this entity for...

The words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
29 October 2018

"Dave Yost was a ghost when Ohio needed him most."

If I were creating slogans for Democrat Steve Dettelbach's campaign for Ohio attorney general, I would have put the one above on television starting on Oct....

Round circle logo with thick blue outline  and words Seal of the Attorney General of Ohio and inside a sun, hill, river, corn bushel
20 October 2018

DeWine Dishonesty 1: During the second debate, DeWine ...

Older white man with glasses looking weird and crazy in a suit at a microphone
07 October 2018

Heading into October the race for governor is by most accounts tighter than expected even though many pundits figured Ohio was continuing to trend red. Earlier this summer, polls had Democrat Richard Cordray leading Republican Mike...

Cartoon of lots of bags with dollar signs on them
04 October 2018

To remedy a broken campaign finance system, the 2016 Democratic Party Platform advocates a number of reforms, including ending “secret, unaccountable money in politics by requiring . . . significantly more disclosure and transparency...

Movie poster from White Boy Rick with a photo of mostly black gangsters and a young white boy with an older man's white face superimposed on top of his (Richard Cordray's face) and the words White Boy Rick with the k turned into an H to say White Boy Rich
03 October 2018

White Boy Rich

Now it all makes sense. In 1992 I ran against John Kasich in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. Everyone told me Kasich liked to smoke a little dope, and later Roger Stone would finger him as the...


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