Dark gray handgun lying sideways on a table with gold bullets strewn around it
29 May 2018

I sat down last week ready to say how the week before had bruised my ego. Some (very, very few) progressives won Democratic primaries and the Korean negotiations collapsed overnight. I hadn’t expected any progressives to even...

White middle aged man with crew cut and big bags under his eyes wearing a suit looking off to the side with a very worried expression on his face
17 May 2018

State Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent (D-Central Ohio) introduces legislation that would extend the period of limitations for any criminal offense involving a minor as the victim.  

Current law dictates the period of...

Yellow silhouette of State of Ohio with blue statue of liberty and the words Libertarian Party
03 May 2018

As we plow towards Ohio’s primaries this month, the two big parties are predictably gearing up to reward their establishment...

01 May 2018

It is strange times indeed for Ohio politics. Richard Cordray is practically molded in the image of the perfect Democrat, and yet he is fighting for his life against someone that the Democratic elite had long dismissed as a sideshow,...

Bright pink background and words saying Real Sex Ed saves lives with a big exclamation point and the words Planned Parenthood
20 April 2018

Washington, D.C. – On April 18, a U.S. Court of Appeals protected access to health care and education at Planned Parenthood for tens of thousands of Ohioans. This ruling will protect Ohioans’ access to over 70,000 free...

Black letters Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like cracked glass
05 April 2018

The Columbus Dispatch cannot give Dave Yost enough sweetheart coverage in his bid for Ohio Attorney General. The newspaper might as well be named deputy campaign manager for the Delaware Republican and current state auditor....


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