A press conference with a black man in a suit holding a mic for another black man with glasses and a white shirt to talk into and other people standing around watching
07 December 2017

Columbus City Council members opened up their emails on November 20 to find a letter from Leah Aden, Senior Counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (the “LDF”) calling for their attention. The LDF, which President Obama once called “...

Bright yellow and red neon sign saying Dispatch Ohio's greatest homes newspaper above a big fancy building at night
04 November 2017

The Japanese hedge fund-owned Columbus Dispatch is trying very hard to get back in touch with its old family-owned crazy. The experiment with being even-handed and rational in its news and editorial page policies is apparently...

A colorful image of Columbus skyline in green, yellow and blue with white words in front at the bottom Yes We Can
31 October 2017

In a primary race chock full of corporate-sponsored “establishment” candidates this past May, 5 candidates of the grassroots organization Yes We Can Columbuswon enough votes to...

17 October 2017

The City Council race in Columbus is shaping up to be an interesting one. Yes We Can candidates Jasmine Ayres and Will Petrik are running on progressive platforms that include affordable housing, policing reform, renewable energy, and a...

Bald white man with little wire-rimmed glasses talking at a mic on a table, wearing a white shirt and gesturing with his left hand
12 October 2017

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Joe Motil, 32 year community activist and Write-In candidate for Columbus City Council is continuing to push forward on his development of city legislation requiring all new apartment projects to...

Flier with faces  of men and women running for office with words Democratic Party sample ballot
05 October 2017

When you arrive at the polls this November 7, will you go in empty-handed? Or will you bring a list of candidates you prefer? As usual, the Franklin County Democratic Party will distribute partisan sample ballots – postcard-size fliers...


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