Columbus statue wearing a police hat and badge
05 October 2017

If the whole state of Vermont, the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Minneapolis, Albuquerque, Davenport, Iowa, and even Oberlin, Ohio can change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous...

Big black letters a R and a X attached to each other with black box around it
31 August 2017

Free Press readers asked us to analyze The Ohio Drug Price Relief Act (Issue 2), the issue that is running so many TV commercials this election season. Ad campaigns on both sides are more confusing than usual. Progressive...

A white sign with a black arrow pointing left and the word One
30 August 2017

In Columbus, like any other city in America, we have been caught up with the constant unleashed rhetoric of thoughts that are beyond unbelief, from President Donald Trump. With his public endorsement of the KKK and hate groups of...

Side view of girl with brown curly hair looking at cellphone
12 August 2017

The latest generation has access to an unlimited supply of information at just the touch of a finger. However, recent studies show that young people have trouble evaluating the information they get. This lack of news literacy among the...

Time magazine cover with heavy white haired man holding American flag and words Yanks to the rescue
03 August 2017

Why would Russia meddle in a U.S. presidential election? They were just returning the favor.

This Time magazine cover from July 15, 1996 documents it all. The United States bragged about helping rig the Russian presidential...


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