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03 May 2017

In a perfect world, $50 million would be spent showing Ohioans the following political ad on TV:

Announcer: "This is the Ohio Newscast featuring Lenny Smith and Lara Lewandowski." (Ken and Barbie lookalikes)

Lenny: "Ohio's...

Head shot of young black woman with short curly hair smiling
01 May 2017
The city’s leaders are failing the Black community in Columbus. There is an unacceptable lack of economic investment in predominantly Black neighborhoods throughout the city. Meanwhile, tax breaks are lavished on wealthy developers in the...
Donald Trump in suit with swirly gold around his head
28 April 2017

Thousands, possibly millions, of Americans have been calling for President Trump’s impeachment. They want to save the world by making him lose his job. Sadly, it is just a knee-jerk reaction that will do nothing to protect immigrants,...

Guy with semi automatic guns at statehouse
09 April 2017

Hard to imagine a more insensitive gesture than Mayor Andy Ginther’s choice of the Police Academy for his second State of the City address. Shockingly, Ginther chose the occasion to announce that the notorious, overly white police unit...

Little black girl with braids with two other black kids
06 April 2017

Last week I saw a little African-American girl who looked to be about five years old walking with, I assume her mother. I then saw other young African-American girls entering an elementary school. They appeared to be between five and...

NO DAPL sign
06 March 2017

The last time I wrote, I said that I was on my way home from the DAPL protest at the Sacred Stone Camp in the Standing Rock reservation. Well, I got as far as Jamestown, ND, rented a motel room, and found I simply could not sleep. I was...


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