Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
06 August 2018

What has become of the Columbus Dispatch, that cranky, one-sided, right-wing, influence-peddling, friend-rewarding-and-enemy-punishing, black and white with a splash of color and read all over, or at least in break rooms and...

A cityscape against a horizon with sunrays shooting from the ground to a blue sky on right and fiery sky on left with the fore ground at right green grass and at left cracked and dry
30 July 2018

Jobs or the environment? That's the tragic dilemma in which the powers that be seek to trap the global working class forever, convincing us that we cannot have both. We desperately need to find a way out of this dilemma . . . before the...

Older white man with glasses in front of fruits and vegetables holding a sign that reads I am healthyfoods.com
20 July 2018

Our food is our medicine, our medicine is our food” the ancient Greek Philosopher is reported to have said. In this modern era on July 15, 2018 many people believe that our food is our poison that no medicine can...

Book cover with the words Nuts and Bolts the ACORN fundamentals of organizing by Wade Rathke
11 July 2018

Let’s be honest.

There are many reasons that people decide to build an organization. Anger is one. A rage at injustice or an action by the government coupled with a recognition that your one voice, even yelling, will neither be...

Black and white photo of older white man's (Donald Trump) face close up and in the background of his face there are children and people walking like depicting immigrants
07 July 2018

Domination at Home and Abroad

For the progressives in the United States, June 2018 is the cruelest month under Donald Trump's presidency. The Supreme Court of the United States has delivered one painful blow...

Character of man with pointing stick pointing at a map of the US on a board and the words above "As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down
04 July 2018

The US Supreme Court (by the usual 5-4 vote) has certified Ohio’s Jim Crow stripping of more than a million mostly black and Hispanic citizens from the 2018 voter registration rolls.

In an age of computerized registration books...


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