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25 October 2016

I write this column with a heavy heart.

Two fields of endeavor that I care deeply about are disintegrating before my eyes.

In politics, the two candidates for president are deeply flawed and profoundly unpopular.


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24 October 2016

A common reason given by progressives for continuing to support the Democrats is party loyalty. “They gave us the New Deal,” they say, “they always save the economy.” Those who use those talking points are absolutely...

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02 October 2016

Husted’s voter suppression practices purged by the Court

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted was foiled from his strategy of mass purging minority, young and mostly Democratic voters. A 2-1 ruling by the 6th...

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30 September 2016

Not to big myself up too much, but my strongest columns are usually ones I'd rather not be writing. I was all set to take a break from election commentary to write about the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and visions of a unified...

Poster about walk against toy guns
29 September 2016

This past September many America citizens were hit back-to-back with the realization that Black boys and men are “moving targets” for some police officers in America. In Columbus a thirteen-year old was shot and killed. Why? According...

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03 September 2016

The "D" inThe Columbus Dispatch does not stand for Diversity unless you define Diversity as "middle-aged white males."

Diversity is defined by Merriam-Webster as "the condition of having or being composed of...


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