Thin tall white man with white hair smiling holding a coffee cup standing outside a store with a outdoor chair
07 May 2018

So, you have an idea for a way to make your neighborhood better, create social change, or join the resistance. You and others have hit the streets a couple of times, gone to public and community meetings, and want to reach out to others...

Words Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
03 May 2018

Thanks to State Sen. Joe Schiavoni, the Columbus Dispatch stepped up its coverage of the ECOT scandal on April 24.

"Schiavoni wants criminal probe of ECOT attendance claims" the online headline screamed atop

Drawing of a schoolhouse with two large guns on each side aimed at it
01 May 2018

Two years after a 14-year-old boy brought a gun and shot two of his classmates in their district, the Ohio Madison Local School District board has voted “unanimously” that their school employees are now able to “defend and protect...

Black ribbon and words Stop Killing Journalists
01 May 2018

The Columbus Free Press joins many others worldwide in condemning the killing of 10 journalists in Afghanistan on Monday, April 30. The Committee to Protect Journalists reports: "At least nine journalists were among at least 25...

Blue background and head and shoulders of white man with black hair biting him lips as if he's upset
16 April 2018

The universal laws of physics have been turned upside-down and torn to shreds: we’ve traveled back in time. We have hurtled back to the 1990s with a homophobic sexual predator as president. America’s military is once again launching...

A hand with like an orange squeezer with the Earth inside pouring a liquid out of it in to a cup on a table, the other half of the world lying on the table and off to the left on the table are Saturn and two other planets
05 April 2018

Judge Cynthia Ebner, endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats, handed out sentences to three of the four #BlackPride4 on Tuesday, March 13. The #BlackPride4 were arrested when they held a silent vigil during the 2017 Stonewall Pride march to...


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