NO DAPL sign
06 March 2017

The last time I wrote, I said that I was on my way home from the DAPL protest at the Sacred Stone Camp in the Standing Rock reservation. Well, I got as far as Jamestown, ND, rented a motel room, and found I simply could not sleep. I was...

Guy wearing anonymous Guy Fawkes mask with fist in air at protest with others
02 March 2017

We live in surreal times. Columbus’ Mayor pronounces our city safe for immigrants and an area of opportunity for all – on the same day Columbus police corral and mace anti-Trump travel ban demonstrators putting protestors, including...

Logo for Columbus Media Insider
01 March 2017

Alcohol is a big problem on college campuses and underage drinking is a major slice of the problem. The connection between excessive alcohol consumption and violence and sexual assault is well established.

Ohio State University...

Chelsea Clinton wearing red at a microphone
25 February 2017

The only section of the New York Times I consistently enjoy is “By the Book.” It is a quick read that offers a glimpse into the reading habits of writers, musicians, and other public figures. When I came to the latest edition...

Nurse with fist raised in a red circle that says Health Care is a Human Right
21 February 2017

Healthcare should be about keeping people alive and healthy. Period. It should have nothing to do with business school graduates getting rich or ridiculously large corporations amassing political power. Alas, America’s political elite...

Guy with white beard and funny hat standing next to young man with glasses
12 February 2017

I gave this letter to DNC Chair Candidate Sam Ronan to give to every DNC candidate. He has promised me that he will deliver it. I am also emailing it to their campaigns.


My name is Bijan Nader Sharifi, I am a...


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