Character of man with pointing stick pointing at a map of the US on a board and the words above "As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down
04 July 2018

The US Supreme Court (by the usual 5-4 vote) has certified Ohio’s Jim Crow stripping of more than a million mostly black and Hispanic citizens from the 2018 voter registration rolls.

In an age of computerized registration books...

Young people posing outside wearing mostly red shirts with their fists in the air
23 June 2018

The Ohio Student Association expresses its disgust and outrage at the heinous actions of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Sandusky and Salem, Ohio, this month. We as students, workers, activists, and Ohioans have...

Police al suited up with helmets and bikes attacking stationary black people with black tape over their mouths
16 June 2018

Gay, lesbian, trans, queer people including drag queens shut down a major street downtown, disrupt traffic in the middle of the day on Friday, June 15 to protest Vice President Mike Pence – and what do the Columbus Police do? Let them...

Lots of white handled thick marker pens all in a row making squiggly lines of different colors
11 June 2018

While crossing High Street at Graceland Boulevard in Clintonville the other day, I noticed a bumper sticker stuck to one of the light poles. It read “Fluoride: There is poison in the tap water” with a link to the ultra-conservative,...

Words in black Columbus Media Insider with the M looking like broken glass
06 June 2018

A recent visit to Las Vegas demonstrated the wisdom and far-sightedness of the Nevada city's leaders compared to the "thinkers" of Columbus regarding NHL hockey and casinos.

Two decades ago, Columbus landed an NHL expansion team...

Older white man in a suit with a crew cut looking distraught with a date and time at the bottom 24 2014 16:05
05 June 2018

The saying “ignorance is bliss” means that it is better to not know about a thing, situation or event. It means it's better for someone to not know what a person really thinks about you or your circumstances. Some people feel that it’s...


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