A black figure behind gray bars like a jail cell
12 October 2017

Over a hundred concentration camps now colonize Ohio’s landscape including a federal prison, 87 county jails, 25 state-funded adult prisons, three privately-operated adult prisons, seven juvenile prisons and five Immigration Custom and...

Black man lying in hospital bed with red blotches all over his face with a breathing machine and neck brace
12 October 2017

OCTOBER 12, 2017 – COLUMBUS, OHIO: The Estate of Jaron Ben-Rasu Thomas has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Columbus Division of Police. The lawsuit brings civil rights, wrongful death, survivor and loss of consortium claims....

Black man's face with a goatee and purple baseball cap looking sad and words Timothy Davis, stripped naked latest victim of Columbus police brutality
04 October 2017

A viral cell phone video of a nine-minute long police assault of an unarmed man inside a Livingston Avenue convenience store on September 1, horrified and sickened many people who viewed it.

The video, shot by a...

Extreme close up of white man with gray hair talking out the side of his mouth
03 October 2017

Politicians reversing themselves on key policy positions is often portrayed as weakness. Governor John Kasich has surprised both Republicans and Democrats by taking principled positions that...

Drawing of a ribbon that is purple and orange and words Remember Rainbow Farm
03 October 2017

My dad slumbered quietly as the Twin Towers fell sixteen years ago. He stirred and murmured, “What’s that?” I replied, “Nothing Daddy,” even though my eyes glued to the TV in disbelief. In that moment, I was glad Alzheimer’s had stolen...

02 October 2017

For security officers in central Ohio, the struggle for a union contract has been a long one. In April 2013, security officers and janitors held a rally for a living wage and affordable health care outside the Motorists Insurance...


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