The Earth from space with half of it on fire
04 April 2017

In honor of Earth Day, Ohio Republicans and Donald Trump in the White House have unleashed a two-prong attack to destroy clean air and clean water in the Buckeye State.

Ohio House Republicans destroy renewable energy...

Girl holding sign about how Chase bank makes investments
03 April 2017

Ordinary people have extraordinary power.

That’s the philosophy behind Defund Injustice, a newly formed coalition based in Columbus that seeks to organize the people’s power of the purse. In a consumer-driven economy, the power...

Two photos side by side, two men, on the left is white he is bald with a gold necklace, on the right he is black with a white hat and a beard.
01 April 2017
Siddique Abdullah Hasan, a national prisoner leader has been on hunger strike since Monday, February 27th. On Friday, March 24th he was moved to the infirmary, presumably due to failing health. His appeal to the Rules Infraction Board (RIB...
People marching in the rain with Boycott Wendy's signs
01 April 2017

Photo report here

The march — and the storm — approaches…

In what would become an unforgettable march celebrating the end of the week-...

Black woman talking and pointing to photo of her son, young black man
25 March 2017

A grand jury decided that the actions of Officer Jason Bare and Officer Zachary Rosen were reasonable in the shooting death of Henry Green in a secret process that is replicated across the nation. According to witnesses, on June 6, 2016...

Latino man and white woman standing at front of event speaking
14 March 2017
Columbus City Council members Stinziano and Brown have been participating in an investigation into the creation of a single Municipal ID for Columbus residents. The importance of this centers on the idea of making an accepted...


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