Black and white drawing of scary medieval skeletons
03 January 2017

Indeed, it is the new legislative dark age in Ohio as Donald Trump awaits his coronation. The barbarian hordes that are sacking our state were unleashed by other forces prior to the new emperor. It was Obama’s feds that decided to pull...

21 December 2016

At the final stage before beginning what would have been a lengthy and costly jury trial, a plea deal was reached yesterday when Franklin County prosecutors dropped two of the three charges against Tynan Krakoff, a lead organizer with...

Close up of Jill Stein with famous Moscow building in background
12 December 2016

The American people deserve to know that the outcome of this election is actually valid

I am tired of hearing the pundits say that the election is over and there is nothing we can do when there are significant questions raised by...

The word vote in one box and the word delete in a bottom box
10 December 2016
A petition asking the Electoral College not to vote on the next president until a full investigation is done of Russian interference in the 2016 US election can be signed here: ...
Chart showing exit polls are out of the margin of error
07 December 2016

The article is contained in the attached PDF document. 

Cylinders of depleted uranium hexafluoride
07 December 2016

Radioactive Nuclear Waste:  The August and November issues of The Columbus Free Press had articles about the dangerous nature of the depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) radioactive waste – contaminated with plutonium – at the...


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