African American football players with red jerseys and tan pants kneeling on one knee in a stadium full of people
25 September 2017

The immensely powerful, deeply moving and historic protests of our nation’s athletes against the absurd rantings of our Great Dictator make one thing abundantly clear: the diversity of this nation is not going away.

But The ...

The back of a person wearing a white T-shirt that says Justice for Timmy!!
11 September 2017

It is not easy being number one. Columbus is the best in the nation at only one thing. When it comes to the killing of black people, the Columbus Police Department is the New York Yankees, a dynasty team of history. Although they end...

Red border state of Ohio image with word hate inside and line through it like a "no" sign and the words Free Press on top
31 August 2017

Why does it seem, ever since the Charlottesville incident, that so many racist roads lead to Ohio? James Alex Fields, Jr. of Maumee, Ohio, ran his car into the counter-protestors, killing Heather Heyer and injuring several others. The “...

Drawing of two police arresting a guy and carrying him
31 August 2017

My name is Micah Naziri. I am a doctoral student; have penned numerous published articles and books; I am months away from getting my PhD and then beginning teaching part time at a local university; I am a business man...

Gray rectangle box with open slot on top and piece of paper with an X on it like a ballot going inside
30 August 2017

Leaders of Everyday People for Positive Change announce their support for the Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge #9’s recent vote of “no confidence” in Columbus elected officials. Jonathan Beard, a resident of...

Neon sign glowing in window orange letters saying Medical and Green image of a marijuana leaf
30 August 2017

To understand the status of marijuana in Ohio, one must start at the beginning. No, not in prehistoric times as one of humanity’s oldest crops, nor in 1851 when medicinal efficacy was first documented in the “Report of...


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