Many people posing outside holding signs about the environment
22 May 2018

In a symbolic gesture, proactive residents of Ashland, Holmes and Richland County temporarily blocked access to an exploratory well pad under construction in Green Township, Ashland County, Ohio. The horizontal drilling being conducted...

Caricature of white lady with glasses and brown hair
15 May 2018

An amazing amount of progress has been made over the past month or so. America has catapulted itself all the way from the 1990s to 2016. The furthest-right elements of both major parties were again successful in the primaries. Another...

Young looking Asian man with no smile but clapping his hands
09 May 2018

Well, not really a vacuum. The past three weeks have been more like the space between our planets which is actually full of all kinds of stuff but doesn’t have much happening. The bloated Congress has been typically idle, and the...

Black person's face with a red hat on their head peering over a sign that they are holding that says Let The People Vote
05 May 2018

As the mid-terms loom, Democrats could regain control of Congress in 2018, and make a move for impeachment of Trump. But will progressive-minded voters be denied their constitutional right to vote, especially minorities? Or what about...

Man lying on the ground dead a woman screaming over his body, others looking on
03 May 2018

Back when “tin soldiers and Nixon” were “cutting us down” in 1970, a group of Ohio State University students and campus activists started an underground newspaper in Columbus. Driven mostly by the murder of four students at Kent State...

Drawing of black woman with black tape over her mouth with white hands and arms grabbing her from behind
01 May 2018

It's 2018 and Columbus is gearing up for another year's Pride Celebration... But the question beckons even after last year's demonstration.

“Why do We need our own Pride?”

“Why can’t they compromise with Stonewall?”



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