Three people standing in front of etched sign on wall
03 August 2018

Most Columbus residents assume that our city is safe from the fracking industry. It is not. There are currently 13 injection wells of toxic radioactive frack waste in the Upper Scioto Watershed area, Columbus’ source water protection...

Bald man with glasses next to a young white woman holding a medicine bottle with a balloon quote saying Now's a great time to try... and at the top the words "Mind you own fucking business"
01 August 2018

Progressive activist Joe Motil has often gone in front of Columbus City Council on a Monday night urging them to not hand out another tax break, and he recently spoke out against a tax-abatement proposal for CoverMyMeds, which is owned...

Someone in a Klan hood reaching out with his hand in a group of people
30 July 2018

Congress took the first steps to make Klansmen and neo-Nazis a special protected class of citizen with special protection when on July 8, Congressman Daniel Donovan (R-NY) introduced the “Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018.” It is currently...

Lots of smiling white people male and female leaning toward each other all wearing blue T-shirts in a city council chambers
11 July 2018

The third time was a charm for the Columbus Community Bill of Rights initiative which is confirmed to be on the Columbus ballot this November. The following is what one of their tireless activists said before Columbus City Council on...

Head shot of black woman with short black hair smiling wearing a police uniform
04 July 2018

What’s a black female police officer to do when her fellow white male police officer talks about blowing up Black Lives Matter protestors? Any words of caution may be interpreted as anti-police rhetoric. This is the case of Police...


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