Chart showing exit polls are out of the margin of error
07 December 2016

The article is contained in the attached PDF document. 

Cylinders of depleted uranium hexafluoride
07 December 2016

Radioactive Nuclear Waste:  The August and November issues of The Columbus Free Press had articles about the dangerous nature of the depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) radioactive waste – contaminated with plutonium – at the...

07 December 2016

It seems that the cleaning companies who employ janitors in Columbus have awakened to a new reality: they are dealing with a fighting union. On December 3 about 750 Columbus janitors ratified a new 3-year contract. Negotiations were...

Sherri and Butch posing on each side of Ruth Moss holding award
07 December 2016

On Monday, December 5 the Free Press and Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio joined with the community to honor local activists at the annual awards event. The event was held at the HUB CDC, a community center and small business...

Trump head on a screen like a monster with silhouettes of people watching
06 December 2016

“How will the electronic vote count in the 2016 election be verified?” The answer is simple: “It can’t be.” ~ Fitrakis & Wasserman, March 31, 2016

Back in 2004, then Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb put it...

Police car and officer with gun outside building with crime tape around it
06 December 2016

610 WTVN on your AM dial, Central Ohio’s conservative windbag and of course home to big fat idiot Rush Limbaugh, ran an extra number of gun sale commercials the afternoon of the Ohio State tragedy inflicted by a legal immigrant and...


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