Is Santa real? What about God? Or Mr. Stranger Danger? A 5-year-old’s curiosity is a wonder to behold — more than a wonder if you haven’t had your coffee yet, or if you’re trying to get last-minute Christmas shopping done at Target and your son says he wants to die right now so he can meet God.

To be a parent is to feel the force of this curiosity like a live spring uncoiling with unpredictable energy against the day’s agenda and the furthest reaches of the known universe, pushing you into a possible future not yet imagined.

“When did people first realize there was a God?”

This is my great-nephew Jackson, doing curiosity handsprings across the academic discipline of theology and squeezing an open-mouthed pause from his mom, Carmen, my niece — with whom I had a lively chat over the holidays about such matters when she had a moment to relax. This was a conversation of puzzlement and gold, and I’ve been thinking ever since about childhood and the precious possible.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has inspired a wave of corporate largesse. When Congress passed the tax bill on December 20, AT&T announced that it would give $1,000 bonuses over the holidays to 200,000 of its U.S. employees. The largest telecommunications company in the world by revenue, AT&T was a vocal supporter of the tax bill, which lowers the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%.

Other companies were quick to jump on the PR bandwagon. Comcast gave $1,000 bonuses to over 100,000 employees. Fifth Third announced a $15 minimum hourly wage across the company and gave out $1,000 bonuses to more than 13,500 of its employees.

A drawing of three ken in robes in a line on three camels standing at a big tall wall with a starry sky in the background

Friday, December 29, 2017, 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
Location:  Maynard Avenue United Methodist Church, 2350 Indianola Ave., Columbus 43202.
Bethlehem is an ancient town with a fascinating and diverse history and culture.  Bethlehem is a vibrant city, comprising Christian and Muslim communities that have contributed to its spiritual life for centuries.  The population has lived under Israeli occupation since 1967 and Christian population is declining due to economic and political strife and Israeli invasions of 2001 and 2002.  Open Bethlehem is both a film and a project.  It is a “nonviolent attempt to save a city that belongs to many in the world.    It is unconscionable that Bethlehem should be allowed to die slowly from strangulation.” (Desmond Tutu).    For more information, contact  Facebook.

Good things and bad things happen daily here. Daily we get to meet great
visitors and work with great volunteers and staff that are making amazing
progress on the Palestine Museum of Natural History and the botanical
garden (  We received good news on some grants and
submitted several others just in the past two weeks and got three more
research papers submitted and two more accepted. But politics keeps sending
us bad news. Tribalism and nationalism are rearing their ugly heads and
people suffer.

The people of the world are waking up despite the fact that most mainstream
media is now "managed" to give that Zionist message of danger from Iran,
Hizballah etc while ignoring war crimes and crimes against humanity being
perpetuated daily by Israel and its puppets like Mohammad Bin Salman. What

[NOTE: This review may contain plot spoilers.]


I never fail to be astonished at how the arts, as Shakespeare put it, hold a mirror up to nature, that is, to our society and current events. As the rightwing anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim tide rises, with its ripped-from-the-proverbial-headlines vibe, In the Fade (Aus dem Nichts) is a case in point. This German neo-nazi drama written and directed by Turkish-German auteur Fatih Akin’s (Head On, Soul Kitchen, The Edge of Heaven) is extremely timely.


News gets more bizarre every week. It was revealed that Mohammad (Kushner)
Bin Salman has spent a billion dollars to buy a home in France and one
Leonardo da Vinci painting and another half trillion dollars buying weapons from
US Corporations (whose only use will be to kill more Yemeni civilians).
More bizarre for me was that Mahmoud Abbas dutifully condemned the rocket
fired from Yemen in self-defense after Saudi Jets have dropped tons of US
and British bombs on Yemeni cities. Then we hear the Zionist puppets
Nimrata Randhawa (who changed her name to Nicki Haley) and the (orange)
bully Trump threaten countries who were about to vote at the UN based in
support of international law (which says Israel is an occupying power in
Jerusalem). Despite these bizarre threats, 128 countries voted with, 9
against, and 35 (shamefully) abstained (those who did not vote with
international law should be held accountable by their people so please
check how your country voted and challenge them). Nimrata and the Orange
puppets were really angry!! Their bosses in Tel Aviv were acting their


n December 6, a majority of Democrats in the House joined all House Republicans in voting to prevent the House of Representatives from even debating articles of impeachment against President Trump. The House voted 364-58 (with 10 non-votes) to table impeachment articles (H RES 646) sponsored by Texas Democrat Al Green. Over the strong objections of Democratic leaders (an oxymoron), Green had brought his impeachment resolution to a vote by invoking his personal privilege as a House member. Green’s resolution began:

The words Kwanzaa 2017, December 26th - January 1 Columbus Ohio

December 26, 2017 - January 1, 2018
King Arts Complex. 867 Mt. Vernon Ave.
We are excited to announce the 2017 Citywide Kwanzaa Celebration. There will be seven days of activites for everyone to enjoy. It's that time of year when we come together to celebrate the principles of Kwanzaa and our accomplishments this year!

Please visit our website at to learn about the Pre-Kwanzaa and Kwanzaa events that will be taking place for our children and families. 

Foreground has a dark skinned man holding as assault rifle in the background two military men with rifles walking toward a building

From the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness:  Stand Up for Palestinian Children's Human Rights - Ask Your Rep. to Support HR 4931.  On November 14, 2017, Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) introduced a bill to prevent U.S. tax dollars from paying for human rights violations against Palestinian children in Israeli military detention.  The Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act (H.R.


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