While conflict theories and resolution processes advanced dramatically during the second half of the 20th century, particularly thanks to the important work of several key scholars such as Professor Johan Galtung – see ‘Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means (the Transcend Method)’ – significant gaps remain in the conflict literature on how to deal with particular conflict configurations. Notably, these include the following four.


Bulletin board on the wall with words Prisoner Letter Writing and photos of a lot of men

Wednesday, April 11, 5:30-8:30pm
Columbus Metropolitan Library - Northside Branch, 1423 N High St.
Cages are disabling and traumatizing environments. As a result, prisoners suffer from low morale. They also suffer from a variety of human rights abuses committed by jail and prison officials such as torture and “extremely poor quality health care.” These forms of violence are state-sanctioned. Therefore, we can’t expect meaningful oversight of Ohio's concentration camps to come from the state.

Correctional officers practice sadism and identify targets for malicious repression by taking a path of least resistance. They are less likely to target a prisoner with outside support but more likely to target a prisoner who receives no mail. Since there is a lack of community support for incarcerated people, our aim is to use the tactic of One-Prisoner-One-Contact to maintain the security of prisoners while boosting their morale and providing community oversight of Ohio's prison system. We will use our penpal program to support each other across prison walls while strengthening the movement to abolish prisons.

Bob interviews John Brakey, election transparency activist who is traveling the country to check out if every state uses the ballot imaging function on their voting machines to provide an audit trail.


Bob and Dan discuss Trump's latest craziness about the caravan of people at the Mexican border, the recent shooting of a black man in Brooklyn, and talk about some of the issues and events in the April Free Press, including a comemmoration of the 25th anniversary of the Lucasville prison uprising.

“You can’t come into court to espouse a position that is heartless.” – Senior US District Judge Nichlas G. Garaufis
US District Court for Eastern District of New York
September 26, 2017
Older man with gray hair and long white mustache standing at a podium with his mouth  open waving both hands in the air and the words American Conservative Union on the podium

We had yet another week of very little to be joyful about. The executive branch is fixated on destroying our environment and living out childhood fantasies by playing around with the military. We are yet to see a sanguine and inspiring candidate for the midterms rallying the people on the scale of Ralph Nader or Bernie Sanders. Even beautiful actions by teachers calling for higher wages and better educational conditions have a demoralizing side. They are receiving meager support from national political figures, and they show us how poorly the most important people in our communities are treated. The last seven days become even more unacceptable when they are just a continuation of the garbage we had to endure throughout March. I’ll begin with a recap of the month to put this week’s news into perspective.

Young white man with brown-rimmed glasses with mustache and goatee talking to the camera

Tuesday, April 10, 6pm (business meeting); 7pm (general meeting)
Northwood-High Building, 2231 N. High St., Rm. 100
Join the Franklin County Greens. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month. Free parking is available in the “R” spaces — “R” for “Rardin Clinic” — behind the building. Contact:

Stickers that say I, then a red silhouette of the state of Ohio that looks like a heart and then the word votng

Monday, April 9, 8am-5pm
Franklin County Board of Elections, 1700 Morse Rd. 614-525-3100.
Or go to your local board of elections or Ohio Secretary of State.

Bald older man wearing a green pullover sweatshirt that says Capital University standing in front of a building with glass doors and a glue curvy sign above that reads ...and correctional center

This is Pedro walking out of ICE detention after being unjustly held and threatened with deportation for the last 7 months! We are excited to see our collective hard work pay off. Without the courage of Pedro’s guardian and his immigration attorneys he would still be in detention or in an even more dangerous situation.

But Pedro’s release from detention is only half the battle. Now we need YOUR help so Pedro can transition back into the community. The link below has more details about Pedro’s story and needs. Please consider a tax-deductible donation that will go directly to housing, food, and transition assistance that are essential to keeping Pedro out of immigrant detention facility.

Together we can!


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