Blue circle with words Everyday People for Positive Change and the word Columbus at the bottom, red hands in the circle with peace sign, fist and making a heart

Tuesday, February 27, 6:30-8:30pm
2500 Park Crescent Drive, Columbus 43232
Join us as we talk with our friends in the southeast about bringing positive change to Columbus City Council


hen you stop to think about it, can you tell the difference between Russian disinformation bots and Fox News? Actually, that’s a serious question.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s February 16 indictment of people and organizations associated with Russia offers a loose definition of Russian disinformation bots that seems equally accurate as a description of what Fox News has been doing since 1996:

The power of mass demonstrations to mobilize activism and move those in positions of power is minimized, first and foremost, by those opposed to popular power. Do not listen to them. Make them listen to us!

Can you give two days to stop the slaughter of innocents and the shameless profiteering from their blood? If you can give more, so much the better. But by giving two days, you will guarantee that others will give more. You will be part of building the necessary momentum, the key ingredient in social change.

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The U.S. government's National Human Genome
Research Institute (NHGRI) is studying if every American baby should
undergo extensive DNA sequencing and analysis at birth, while China
and other countries are more advanced toward that goal despite reports
of human rights violations.
   DNA, the double helix of deoxyribonucleic acid, can reveal a
person's physical and psychiatric health, identity, relatives and
other details.
   But databases of people's DNA could enable governments, police,
hackers, corporations, forgers and others to abuse the information.
   Sequencing or identifying details of DNA could also be used to
create bioweapons to kill ethnic groups or individuals.
   "I do know that if you look in the last 15 years, the investment in
genomics in particular have been more substantial in countries like
China, South Korea, Singapore, and even places like Brazil," NHGRI
Director Eric D. Green said in an interview.
   "Support for biomedical research in the United States has not

Purple background with drawing of white clothes hanger going into the word Toledo as the bottom of the hanger and then the words WON'T GO Back
During the Kasich administration, Ohio has gone from 16 abortion providers to 8, and one of them needs your help immediately.   Toledo's only abortion clinic has complied with John Kasich's demands, but Capital Care Network needs one more thing: the Ohio Department of Health must restore their license.  
A sign on orange paper taped to a brown wall listing all the names of people killed in the recent Parkland Fla school shooting and the words 17 too many at the bottom

The week of February 12th, 2018 will forever be remembered as the week when 17 people were gunned down in a Florida high school.

Let that sink in.

17 students and teachers were murdered, along with many more injured, at their school.

As they all went about their peaceful day, a 19-year-old pile of human filth opened fire with an AR-15 assault rifle, a firearm originally designed to slaughter commies in Vietnam. He bought the gun easily and completely legally despite making it exceedingly clear he should not be anywhere near a weapon of any kind. His online activity included bragging about killing animals, making far-right political comments, and saying he wanted to become famous for a mass shooting. The local sheriff’s office and the FBI were aware of the vile maggot’s mental instability and threat to others. The entire tragedy, along with every one before it, was avoidable. However, with the lack of political action and the biased ramblings of numerous public figures, more will not be.

I asked my Facebook page which high school teacher they’d least like to have had a gun in their desk.

World Beyond War has been raising funds for and renting billboards in opposition to war. We’ve run into censorship from numerous billboard companies but persevered, and more billboards are on their way.

Latino men wearing blue shirts sitting and holding signs that say I Too, Am Human

Sunday, February 25, 6-8pm
First Unitarian Universalist Church, 93 W. Weisheimer Rd.

Silhouette drawings of blue and red and gray people in the fore ground with fists in the air and words People's Day and Columbus Feb 24 #unrigthesystem

Saturday, February 24, 10:30am-1pm
Ohio Statehouse
ON FEBRUARY 24, join us for a national Day of Action in Columbus and cities across the country to show support for strong unions. We will join thousands of working people and our allies to stand up for our right to organize and to show how strong unions benefit all of us. Strong unions play a vital role in the fight for equitable pay, affordable health care, quality public schools, and making sure the future is secure for everyone. It’s time to end a system that’s rigged against working people.

Now wealthy special interests and ideological extremists want to rig the system further through a Supreme Court case called Janus v. AFSCME Council 31. This case is another attempt to limit the power of working people by weakening unions that give workers a powerful voice in advocating for themselves, and in OEA’s case, the students that we serve, their families and their communities.

Just as we proved in overturning Senate Bill 5, when we join forces and stick together, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE! 


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