The following article comes, slightly edited and re-formatted, from a 2015 Frontiers in Neurology Review Article. It was authored byRomain Kroum Gherardi, Housam Eidi, Guillemette Crépeaux, François Jerome Authier and Josette Cadusseau (of the Faculté de Médecine and Faculté des Sciences et Technologie, INSERM U955 Team 10, Université Paris Est-Créteil, Créteil, France)


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Following are two important passages from the article plus a note from the Duty to Warn editor prefacing the article:


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As September begins, Ohio’s newly formed medical marijuana program continues to be plagued by various delays and failures. As a direct result, our state’s patients, who are in dire need of the treatment cannabis provides, will have to wait even longer for the legal relief they require.

The program was supposed to be up and running by September 8, but has seemingly hit every speed bump along the way. On July 31, Buckeye Relief in Eastlake planted the first legal seeds, a momentous day only made possible because the cultivating facility finally received its certificate of operation from the state four days before. The state’s department of commerce can only give up to 12 of these certifications before the September 8 deadline, with potentially more on the way. However, the late start with cultivation means the crops won’t be ready until November, and then they must be sent to a processor to be transformed into approved consumable products for patients. As of now, these approved products only include edibles, oils, patches and other non-smokable methods.

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The Free Press Salutes Jeffrey Wadsworth

The Free Press salutes former Ohio State University trustee Jeffrey Wadsworth who resigned from the University’s board after disagreeing with Urban Meyer’s three-game suspension. The New York Times reported that Wadsworth felt the punishment should be stronger. He appears to be the one lone trustee on the OSU board voicing concern about the message the University was sending to the community regarding domestic violence, dishonesty and the destruction of public records.

Enemies of the People – Attorney Don McTigue and the Franklin County Board of Elections

The members of the Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) are the Free Press enemies of the people, after effectively stripping 560,000 Columbus citizens of their right to vote on a ballot measure entitled Community Bill of Rights for Water, Soil, and Air Protection and to Prohibit Gas and Oil Extraction and Related Activities and Projects Ordinance.

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An amazing thing happened in Washington DC. No, it didn’t involve the President, or at least not yet. But it did come from the Republican camp. Congress’ most powerful politician – Washington’s red light,  green light – is championing the “Hemp Farming Act of 2018.”

This groundbreaking legislation would redefine hemp as an agricultural commodity, regulate it under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and drop it from the list of tightly Controlled Schedule I Substances. Water rights, federal grants and banking accompany this bill. Yes, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is leading the pack, and because of him, the Act has a good chance of passing. Once signed by the President, hemp will emerge from 80 years of prohibition darkness and move into the light as a recognized crop like soybeans or corn.

Two recent local news stories offer compelling, if baffling, insight into the priorities of the media in and around Columbus. On August 22, the media descended on Ohio State University to learn the future of Urban Meyer following the football coach’s handling of a domestic abuse scandal involving one of his assistants.

Two days later, the same news outlets failed to appear at the Franklin County Board of Elections to learn the fate of a citizens’ initiative to protect Columbus, and thus Central Ohio, from the toxic and radioactive dangers of fracking. During this hearing, the board would decide whether to place on the ballot the Columbus Community Bill of Rights (CCBOR) proposal to “establish a community bill of rights for water, soil and air protection” from fracking operations and its waste. Strangely, the same media that comprehensively covered Meyer and his football program demonstrated little interest in an issue that affects the health of all Central Ohioans and their environment.



Ayanna Pressley just won a Democratic Primary in a Democratic Congressional District in Massachusetts.

While most candidates for Congress have websites completely devoid of any mention of foreign policy whatsoever, Pressley has one with a substantive position on foreign policy.

Over the past 17 years since 9/11/01, the title question has plagued the tens of thousands of committed groups of highly intelligent and thorough truth-seeking scientists, physicists, architects, engineers, pilots, ex-military officers, ex-intelligence agents, firefighters, demolition experts, psychologists, medical professionals, etc, etc who have absolute proof that the official Cheney/Bush White House story about what happened on 9/11/01 was a “Big Lie”, that was so easily perpetrated on a fearful, gullible and mainstream media-saturated public that was very willing to suspend their critical thinking skills and throw their trust onto authority figures that would tell them what they were supposed to believe, even if it was contrary to what they actually saw with their own eyes. Unfortunately, those pseudo-authority figures that have the power to dominate the media, also have a long history of being serial liars - and they have hidden ulterior motives and a willing mainstream media machine on which to perpetuate the lies.


Hollywood is known around the world as a “company town” for the motion picture industry and television, but Los Angeles is also a music Mecca. In January 1972, Aretha Franklin recorded the live album “Amazing Grace” with Rev. James Cleveland’s Southern Californis Community Choir in south L.A., and it became one of America’s bestselling gospel recordings of all time. After her death on August 16, to pay homage to the “Queen of Soul”, selections from that legendary Atlantic Records album were performed on the evening of August 30 at a sonorous, loving Gospel Music Tribute Remembering Aretha Franklin.


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With the passage of Labor Day comes fall, football, pumpkin patches and Hot Times. The 42nd Annual Community Festival on the Near East Side returns to the Columbus Health Department Grounds from September 7 through 9.

The annual community festival will feature food vendors, a flea market and entertainment on two stages, the Parsons Stage and the Main Stage. On Saturday and Sunday, afternoon there will be performers on the Swing Patio, on the front patio of the Health Department.

The Hot Times Community Festival started as a Flea Market by the Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association (OTENA) in the late 1970s. The festival is now, according to the Arts Foundation of Olde Towne (AFOOT) Website, an “all-volunteer driven community and arts festival.”


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