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Hillary Clinton's margin of victory in the 2016 vote count continues to climb, at this point well over a million. 

But her impending defeat in the Electoral College comes with familiar signs that the election was stripped and flipped.

These indicators include the realities of pre- and post-election polling; the massive stripping of primarily black, Hispanic and Asian-American voters from computer generated registration rolls mostly maintained by private partisan companies; unverifiable "black box" electronic voting machines and central tabulators, also mostly manufactured and maintained by private corporations, and much more.

Were this election held in any other country, the US State Department and independent monitors from around the world would denounce it as a fraud, and contemplate international intervention. 

The Electoral College

Feminism has a crucial role to play in modern life, but I sometimes wish it would leave our fairy tales alone. The results of its revisionist meddling are too often unconvincing and unsatisfying.

Remember last year’s Maleficent? It turned an age-old story on its head by revealing that the fairy (Angelina Jolie) who turned a princess into a “Sleeping Beauty” was not evil at all. No, she was merely wronged and misunderstood. Worst of all, we learned that the somnambulant princess could not be awakened by a kiss from the handsome prince, but only by a motherly peck from that same fairy.

How heartwarming. And how utterly unromantic.

Thank goodness Disney’s new live-action version of Cinderella doesn’t wear its feminism on its sleeve. It has nods to modern sensibilities, to be sure, but they’re handled with a lighter touch.

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Sunday, July 22, 2-4pm
Northside Branch Columbus Metro Library, 1423 N. High
Climate change is the greatest existential threat to humanity. Even though we’ve understood the effects of human activity on the environment since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, our political and economic structure, fueled by capitalist greed, only exacerbates our planetary crisis. While heads of state gather occasionally to promise, but never fulfill, a reduction in CO2 emissions, the poorest among us bear the most dire consequences of climate change. People who can’t afford proper shelter, or even air conditioning, suffer in record-breaking heat. Super-storms level entire cities and regions, and private companies reap the rewards at the expense of the neediest. Drying lakes and rivers spark competition for corporate control of fresh water. Refugees flee climate-ravaged areas, and agents of wealthy, polluting countries round them into camps and call them criminals. 

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For delivery to: The Columbus City Council

Created by Dream Activist
We are calling on the Columbus City Council to immediately pass a city resolution calling on our elected officials to support the case of Edith Espinal.
Edith has been living in sanctuary at the Columbus Mennonite Church since September 5th. We need to stand in solidarity with Edith and passing this resolution would mean just that. 
Rep. Beatty has refused to take action so far, however has called on the Mayor's office for guidance. As a community we have stood by Edith, it is now time to show that the entire city of Columbus stands with Edith too. 
I ask that you immediately pass the resolution in support of stopping the deportation of Edith Espinal.

A back of a woman in the foreground speaking outside to a group of women facing her holding signs saying #Fight4Her

Concerned citizens, politicians and activists participated in a rally and march July 19 to defend reproductive rights by raising awareness of the dangers that Trump’s Global and Domestic Gag Rules pose to women and families. The rally was sponsored by the Population Connection Action Fund.

In addition, they delivered to Sen. Rob Portman’s office more than 1,300 petitions, 12 local business endorsements, 200 photo petitions and 4 local elected official endorsements calling on the senator to protect reproductive health and rights.

The event was organized by #Fight4HER, a national campaign focused on mobilizing action against Trump’s Global Gag Rule and in support of the bill to block it, the Global Health, Empowerment, and Rights (HER) Act.

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Our food is our medicine, our medicine is our food” the ancient Greek Philosopher is reported to have said. In this modern era on July 15, 2018 many people believe that our food is our poison that no medicine can overcome.  The following websites are suggested for your information: Responsible  (Jeffrey Smith) (Pedram Shojai)  [GMOs revealed] Dt, Patrick Gentempo. And criticalhealthnews Dr. Joel Wallach

Young white man reaching over a white fence to scratch the chin of a camel with a little baby camel beside it

Sunday, July 22, 1-4pm
Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse, 3055 Indianola Ave.
An Australian documentary exposing the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture through drones, hidden and handheld cameras, the feature-length film explores the morality and validity of our dominion over the animal kingdom.  The documentary presents an uncompromising, damning exploration of the various ways animals are used and abused by humans, particularly in the meat, dairy, egg, clothing and entertainment industries.

Filmed in Australia, ‘Dominion’ combines footage from handheld, hidden, and aerial drone cameras, much of it never seen before, to convey both the terrifying scale of an empire built on secrecy – and the individual stories of its victims.

Focusing on the legal, industry-standard practices that occur all over the world, the film questions the morality and validity of humankind’s dominion over the animal kingdom, advocating not for minor improvements to their welfare but for a deeper conversation about our right to exploit those we deem inferior to ourselves.

Sponsored by Vegan Shift. Free.

Note: In its 200 year history, the USA has intervened in, invaded or militarily occupied the following Western Hemisphere nations: Canada, Confederate States of America, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Surinam, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Grenada. The article below enlarges upon the 10 most lethal coups.


While the dates most associated with the Central Intelligence Agency are the 1953 coup against Iran's Mohammed Mossadeq and the following year against Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz, the world's most notorious–and possibly ignoble–spy agency actually was chartered on this day, 18 September, in 1947. 


Since then, the CIA has played a role in hundreds of assassinations, military coups, and rebellions around the globe, from Argentina to Zaire.



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