HJR1 referred to House Constitutional Resolutions Committee
Ohio Statehouse

February 15, Desiree Tims, President and CEO of Innovation Ohio, condemned House Joint Resolution 1 (HJR1), a proposed constitutional amendment that increases the passage thresholds of new amendments to 60% of the vote, up from a simple majority.  

“HJR1 is a blatant power-grab by special interests and corrupt politicians, which seeks to undermine our democracy and silence the voice of the people,” said Tims. “This amendment shreds our costitution as we know it and is a direct attack on the rights of Ohio voters. We condemn it in the strongest terms possible.”

A similar proposal from the last General Assembly, HJR6, failed to receive enough support in the Ohio legislature and eventually died in lame duck session. HJR1, however, contains more limits to citizen-driven ballot initiatives and creates unnecessary burdens to signature gatherers. 

“This amendment undermines the sacred principle of ‘one person, one vote,” said Tims. “Ohio has a rich history of citizen-led ballot initiatives. If this amendment is passed, it will undermine majority rule and give a small number of voters (just 41%) the power to block initiatives that a majority of Ohio voters support. We need to protect our freedom to determine our own future in Ohio.”

We call on all Ohioans to stand up for our freedom and democracy, and reject this attempt to take away our rights. We urge our elected officials to listen to the people, not special interests, and reject this proposed amendment.