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20 February 2024

Shane McCrae is the son of a white woman and a black man. In order to save Shane from the indignity and evils of being reared by his father, his mother’s parents kidnapped him when the boy was three years old. Surprisingly–but perhaps...

Red haired white man
15 February 2024

This story originally appeared in the Buckeye Flame and the Athens County Independent


People on Zoom
11 February 2024

The theme of the salon was “ Building Community for Black Liberation.” It was available live on Zoom and Facebook Live.

Link to salon video

Mark Stansbery, ...

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31 January 2024

I Was Once You & You Will be a Better Me is a three-part project that will use various art forms (poetry/monologues/performing arts/music/film) to bridge the gap between parents/guardians/grandparents...

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10 January 2024

The 1960s has never lost its hold on America, nor has the argument about when the decade actually started. It has primarily been defined by five very tumultuous years–1963 through 1968–because of a number of events–among them, the March...

Lupe Gonzalo
30 December 2023
The Packer: “Drawing on her experience with the Fair Food Program, Gonzalo has helped to train, mentor and educate workers from other regions and industries on the Worker-Driven Social Responsibility model.”“...


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