12 January 2022

We are all grieving. For the loss of simply being able to hug friends and family; to gather at the local watering hole and share a drink with friends, old and new. We’re grieving the loss of routines and patterns of life, of normalcy....

Man holding sign in front of Statehouse
28 December 2021

There’s been plenty to be grateful for in 2021, but like many things in our American democratic republic, the wheels of progress move slow and 2020 kept its claws dug into the year that followed it. Frankly, we should have known this...

Police car
26 December 2021

The Columbus Police Department (CPD) did a sloppy job handling the kidnapping and murder of Imam Mohamed Adam.

The family of the Somali Imam Mohamed Hasan Adam is unable to pay respect for their son and bury his remains properly...

Pig businessman
21 December 2021

Fifty-four of Ohio’s largest employers paid their CEOs a median of 322 times what they paid the typical employee in 2020, according to ...

Image from Zoom
12 December 2021

Mark Stansbery, Free Press Board member, started off the salon by introducing Travis Irvine.

Travis told us about the...


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