24 September 2023

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Man holding Hi Mom sign
13 September 2023

Witness the extraordinary life of Dr. Lonnie Thompson, an explorer who went where no scientist had gone before and transformed our idea of what's possible. Daring to seek Earth’s history contained in glaciers atop the tallest mountains...

Ro-Z, Gail and Darryl
09 September 2023

We just buried my ex-husband Darryl Mendelson. He had been battling leukemia for several months and finally succumbed on Thursday, August 24, 2023.

He had been a major player in some Columbus institutions, including Comfest,...

Greg Gross
15 August 2023

Columbus’ activist community lost one of our long-time social justice advocates when Gregory Gross, 66, passed unexpectedly in his sleep on August 13, 2023.

Gregory was originally from New Jersey and his family resides there. He...

Book cover
21 July 2023

Ah, for those halcyon days when the president of the United States was an intellectual and a serious reader. And he can sing, too!

In Grace, Cody Keenan, Obama’s chief White House speechwriter, takes us back to the period...

LEPD gun store
18 July 2023

No one needs reminded that gun violence continues to inflict tragedy and spread fear throughout the community. Columbus police and City leadership believe approximately .05 percent of the...


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