Sam Randazzo
10 April 2024

Sam Randazzo was once the Chair of the Ohio Public Utilities Commission.

Now, at 74, he’s dead by apparent suicide. 

As is the “Nuclear Renaissance.” 

Dating back many years, we often encountered Sam at...

Tecumseh's brother and map of Greenville
08 April 2024

Every time there is a solar eclipse that affects Ohio, the old story of Tecumseh’s alleged eclipse predictions of 1806 and 1811 is recycled. Often, some historian attempts to correct the popular myth by saying that...

Chart about missing voters
20 March 2024

Nearly 25 million Black and Latino people are missing or incorrectly listed in the voter databases sold by the political industry and used by campaigns to conduct voter outreach, according to a ...

14 March 2024

Franklin County Treasurer Cheryl Brooks Sullivan has purchased $10.5 million in Israel Bonds since Israel began bombing Gaza in the aftermath of October 7, bringing the total 2023 investment to $14.5 million and pushing the county’s...

01 March 2024

Re/Descheduling – What It Is and Why It’s Important

It felt like a marathon, right? The two-year trek spanning 2021 to 2023, which led to passage of...

Stone sign at opening of Salt Fork Park
25 February 2024

Save Ohio Parks statement on court’s decision to dismiss appeal

Save Ohio Parks is disappointed that our appeal of the Oil and Gas Land Management Commission’s (OGLMC) decision to...


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