Holding hands
11 January 2022

Human Trafficking is the worst kind of atrocity existing in Columbus, our nation, and world. It is a three-linked chain involving coercion, force, and fraud, and the victims can be of any age, social status, race, gender, or nationality...

Gang stalking sign
06 January 2022

This is “Fatimah,” not her real name (pictured above, her face not shown). She’s a young single mother with toddler children. She is quick-witted, charismatic, gracious and sober. But Fatimah and her kids reside just off Sullivant...

24 December 2021

Courage – Year in review – Statute to SoS – MMCP expansion – Give!

Selected bites of fresh cannabis news sliced from the headlines, with a legislative flavor and sweet Ohio twist. Sources are linked.


Protestor being maced
23 December 2021

It is arguably the most significant image from Columbus in the year 2020, and that’s saying a lot. It’s not an actual photo, but a screen shot of a video, one which went viral.

The man throwing up his arms (“Don’t shoot!”) is 31-...

Cop spraying a protestor
10 December 2021

Lead lawyers in the federal lawsuit for protestors subjected to false arrests, illegal use of chemical weapons, and assaults by Columbus police officers during the Black Lives Matter protests in the Summer of 2020 announced today a...

09 December 2021

Environmental coalition cited as instrumental in setting city’s climate goals in line with climate science

Sustainable Columbus unveiled the city’s first ...


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