“Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” ~ Lord Acton

May has been a month of milestones. There’s Mother’s Day and, sadly, the fifty-third anniversary of the Kent State...

When it comes to major road projects in Central Ohio, MORPC – the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission – is a big power player. So is ODOT, of course. As Columbus and its suburbs...

In order to witness firsthand Andy Ginther’s show of force and willingness to “spend whatever it takes to make our city safe” I walked the sidewalks of the Short North for nearly one hour on...

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Shine a light on the Ohio Statehouse
Sunday, 28 May 2023
Tuesday, May 30, 6pm, this on-line event requires advance registrationFirstEnergy wasn’t the only Ohio utility company involved in the H.B. 6 bill and the subsequent $65-million-dollar scandal. Join Common Cause Ohio for a virtual...


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Pranav Jani
14 May 2023

Free Press Board member Mark Stansbery kicked off the May 13 May Day Cyber-Salon from Japan with the theme of worker’s rights. Mark and Yoshie...

Man and woman sitting outside on a bench
28 May 2023

Undoubtedly, "Master Gardener" demands your attention as it's another slow burn from Paul Schrader. This film represents the later independent phase of...