Recently I've become aware that OSU wants to build a new power plant that runs on fracked gas, and it's got me pretty angry both as a student and as a taxpayer. I’m a third-year undergraduate...

“Five days isn’t enough time,” said a tearful Latosha Aaron-Gavin outside the temporary eviction courtroom at the Columbus Convention Center on a recent overcast morning. 

The judge, while...

The Columbus Way is what our city leaders call the public/private partnerships that have been used to dress up and showcase the 14th largest city in the U.S.

Former Mayor Mike Coleman’s...

Action Alert

Tuesday, 04 August 2020
The North Coast awaits $4 billion and thousands of jobs with a repeal of the infamous set-back clause.    We must do it! ZOOM 7-8pm Wednesday, August 5.   ZOOM 7-8pm Wednesday, August 5. https://zoom.us/webinar/...




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Colorful background with words Viva Festival Latino!
29 July 2020

El día de hoy, CAPA anunció el programa del ¡Viva Festival Latino! una experiencia virtual que durará una semana completa, la misma que sustituirá al...

Man being arrested
31 July 2020

Activists have been under heavy surveillance through body cams, street cameras and their social media, and many were explicitly targeted for arrest while on...

Vegan products
21 May 2020

Vegans can live an enjoyable life eating the foods we were raised on in this nonvegan society using the amazing vegan alternatives we have been provided...