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02 April 2023

In the aftermath of the February 3rd train derailment in East Palestine, questions continue to swirl. While media coverage has largely shifted to spotlight transportation company Norfolk Southern’s ongoing legal woes, little attention...

Cows and words Join the New Year's Revolution
28 December 2022

January is the perfect time to make improvements; the perfect time to improve your health, the planet, and the lives of animals. My resolution this upcoming year is to follow a plant-based diet, which is so easy to do with the...

Ranchero Kitchen
14 August 2022

I ate a wonderful meal yesterday [8-12-2022] at Ranchero Kitchen, a Salvadorian restaurant at 984 Morse Rd. [just east of I-71]. That restaurant had been recommended to me several years ago by a friend; however, I am so rarely in that...

01 August 2022

Can’t Believe It’s Vegan (CBIV) is located in the strip mall at Shrock and Cleveland Ave just north of 270 (Opposite Raisin Rack) in Westerville, had its grand opening for the brick and mortar location in July 2022. Previously, before...

Sandwich and salad
29 June 2022

Kona Craft Kitchen is located in the new Bridge Park Development in Dublin The restaurant had its grand opening in March 2022, and as of June executive chef Anthony Schulz has launched new, clearly marked, intentionally vegan selections...

Sign from restaurant
28 April 2022

Paris 75 Cafe in Olde Dublin is a quaint and simply adorable boutique teeming with European flair and fascination. It’s not a dine-indoors restaurant experience, however they have a patio, a few tables, and chairs to sit on outdoors and...


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